Fay (31 Mar 2024)
"Something VERY Strange going on with the Royals"


Hi John and Doves,


It just gets weirder and weirder. I am starting to think that even the British media are clueless as to the truth - but they have been instructed to obfuscate rather than question the official narrative. The BBC are a different story as I am sure they DO know what's going on. They are the exception.


As we have all garnered enormous knowledge about the 'elite' and the various other powerful families that dictate to the world - the British royal family are in competition with the other elites for ultimate power. Honestly - I don't believe that the various royal families - British and European - are any match for the mafia style gangsters that rule the roost right now. I could be very wrong. The way this is all being handled is very clumsy and suspicious. Is this because they are in a sudden hurry and are winging it? Or is it being done deliberately? Deliberate clumsiness and obfuscation?  Are the royals going into hiding? Do they know something big is coming? It sure looks like it because the timing couldn't be more apropos. 


There is no doubt in many people's minds that there is something very peculiar going on. Short video in the link. 10.59 runtime. Excellent information.


Now King Charles is MISSING or in HIDING? WTF is happening | Redacted w Natali & Clayton Morris (youtube.com)