Fay (31 Mar 2024)
"Gino re Targeting Christians"


Hi Gino, John and Doves,


Gino - your question sparked some comforting thoughts - bizarre as that may seem! Almighty God is allowing all this evil for a very good reason. The messages are NOT aimed at people who are true believers, but rather at people whom Almighty God is trying to reach. It is His desire that none are lost. All the media hype is aimed at denigrating Christianity, the Jewish people, Israel, freedom itself! If you stand back and view it all logically - the actions of the globalists are shocking to non-believers and fence-sitters, as well as Bible believing Christians. What is happening is shocking to everyone (everyone that is not brain dead). Most of humanity recognise this fact. Non-believers are going to make the connection between the evil over-reach for power and control and their attacks on Christianity and Judaism. Once ordinary people make this connection, they are going to start thinking about their mortality and recognising the difference between true faith and the lunatics that rule this planet.


Which is why scripture tells us not to be frightened or have a spirit of fear. Evil is being allowed in order to make ordinary people THINK! This is going to continue and worsen, prior to the return of our LORD Jesus. 


targeting Christians? (fivedoves.com)