Fay (31 Mar 2024)
"The Mafia Reigns"


Hi John and Doves,


They have managed to stay under the radar since the 1920's when they were at their height. This article proves they have never gone away. Our so-called justice systems are, yet again, severely compromised by these evil people. The news alone, tells us that evil is running rampant again. This indicates that Almighty God is allowing it - rather than restraining it. Every human on earth needs to recognise the stark difference between good and evil and that a choice has to be made. Our LORD Jesus is our wonderful Saviour.


If secular people took the time to read the story of Messiah Jesus' walk on earth, there is not one that could find anything to object to. Our precious LORD Jesus changed everything. May Almighty God be praised. All worship, honour, glory and gratitude to our Almighty God in heaven. Please, Abba Father God, Creator of everything - hear our heartfelt prayers and send our Messiah Jesus back. We are trying to be brave but are surrounded by evil. PLEASE, we beg of you, rescue us soon. Please come and eradicate all evil.  We love, worship and adore You, Father God. In Jesus Christ's Name.


Notorious Camorra mafia boss once considered one of Europe's richest and cruellest criminals and one of the inspirations for Gomorrah TV show turns supergrass 26 years after he was jailed in landmark trial | Daily Mail Online