Fay (31 Mar 2024)
"This is Definitely Pointing to the fact we are in The End Times"


Hi John and Doves,


This presentation by Nelson Walters is very revealing. It's quite astonishing actually. I don't always agree with Nelson's point of view - we are human, after all - but this is fantastic information. As is the information in the 2nd link. Riveting information, particularly when you realise just where all the prophetic crises are taking place right now. On the border with EGYPT. Does this not tell us that we have entered into an end-of-days scenario? It is my opinion that it most certainly does. Where are all the sharks circling now? The corridor between Gaza and Egypt - the Suez Canal - the Red Sea - the Mediterranean Sea. It all seems to be heading toward another 'Exodus' moment.  Revelation 11:8 describes Jerusalem as "that city also known as Sodom and Egypt" - both names referring to an Exodus of all God's people before destruction.


Also interesting is the scene in I Pet Goat 2 where the Christ figure emerges from the tunnel (which is clearly a 'mouth' - which I believe depicts The Word, which Jesus is known as). The point of arrival is clearly shown as Egypt!!! The majority see the Christ figure in I Pet Goat 2 as the anti-Christ. It could also be argued that the figure has been vilified and marked by the evil powers-that-be - marking him with the pyramid 'all seeing eye' etc. The Christ figure is emerging from the tunnel, after the fish have landed on the boat. The fish being a representation of true believers, as you know. As the Christ figure emerges, he pauses, and the large Cathedral behind him collapses. Is this depicting the world of Christendom collapsing because of the rapture? It could very well be because right after the Cathedral collapses, the crown of thorns disappears off the Christ figure's head. He is no longer a sacrifice - he is returning as King. I realise this interpretation will not fit so well with others, but it's the way I have slowly come to see it. The boat depicting the pagan god, Anubis, tells us that this Christ figure is returning from what appears to be the realm of the dead. Of course - we know better, thanks to our precious Bible.

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Please come soon, LORD Jesus.