Fay (3 Mar 2024)
"Lewis Brackett re The 3 Reasons for NATO Supporting Ukraine"


Hi John and Doves,


Lewis B - your post linked below. Some excellent points made.


The three reasons for NATO supporting Ukraine. (fivedoves.com)


The kind of 'old-fashioned' media bilge - aimed at an audience pre 9/11 - pre Covid - pre Awakening.  The legacy media are still attempting to deceive people, under the misapprehension that we are still na´ve and trusting. The media have tried to banish independent thought by labelling it 'conspiracy theory'.... 'far-right'......Nazi propaganda etc. Your post proves that the world has moved on from their bilge. The mainstream media are still struggling to absorb the fact that nobody trusts them anymore. They were used to holding the moral high ground - celebrated as hard-nosed journalists, determined to unveil the truth. We, the people of Planet Earth, are not as trusting and na´ve anymore. I wonder when they (the media) will finally get the message and shut the heck up? Give us all a break, already?