Fay (3 Mar 2024)
"More and More Curious!"


Hi John and Doves,


What a strange world we live in! Biden announced, at the beginning of this week, that he was 'hopeful for an Israeli/Hamas ceasefire by Monday' - March 4th, I believe Biden is referring to. According to the article in the link below, Israel is puzzled by this statement. It seems there is no connection to reality in what Biden announced. Unsurprising actually as Biden makes many statements that are disconnected from reality.


In quiet moments of prayer and reflection and away from all the blaring, blasting headlines the media keep assaulting us with, I have come to recognise just how far gone and twisted this world is. Evil on steroids. If everyone adhered to the Bible and the example of our LORD Jesus, we would have none of this wretched violence and poison. Instead, this world has allowed the Bible to be removed from schools and public life. The courts of law are no longer based on Judea/Christian values. Instead, it's based on touchy-feely bilge. The level of degradation and entropy is happening at warp speed now.


We desperately need the return of our LORD Jesus.


Israeli officials puzzled by Biden's optimism on ceasefire deal - JNS.org