Fay (3 Mar 2024)
"Humanity - Where Conspiracies come to Die. Incredible Article. Must Read"


Hi John and Doves,


This is the most inspirational article I have read from the secular world. It is utterly joyful. The media would have us believe that the deep state is all powerful and we must be intimidated and cowed by it. The details in this article positively EXPLODE that myth. Honestly - this is such an important article and a highly recommended read. At it's heart, the deep state is all smoke and mirrors. I have often wondered where all the good people are in these political, military, tech etc., institutions. Are there any good people? Why have they not stood up for truth? Well - it turns out they have and are..... the media has just hidden these facts and continue to do so.


A brief taster - Have you ever wondered about the sudden and spectacular rise of AI? Why 'they' have pursued it so vociferously, in spite of it's dangers? It's because ordinary human beings, who work at these powerful institutions, have resigned in their droves - refusing to have a part in all the evil that's happening. This has happened on a HUGE scale. Of course, AI will simply follow instructions and will comply with anything it's programmed to do. We are all being led to think that AI is so powerful, it could take over the world. This is all tosh and nonsense. Smoke and mirrors. Hyperbole on an industrial scale. PLEASE read this article for some amazing information.


As scripture informs us - everything will be revealed, in the end times.


Humanity: where conspiracies come to die | ZeroHedge


Please come, LORD Jesus.