Fay (24 Mar 2024)
"The Looming Nova Explosion"


Hi John and Doves,


Some more details about the rare Nova explosion - due to happen between now and September. This has really got me thinking about the star the wise men followed to locate Messiah Jesus. I know there are several theories about what that star may have been. Could the Bethlehem Star have been a Nova explosion? One that was visible for days/weeks?  We can know for sure that it was no ordinary star. The wise men were skilled astronomers.


This is why this coming Nova explosion has electrified my interest. With everything else that's happening, pointing us to prophecy - this Nova explosion is the cherry on the cake. Is it a coincidence that the October 7th attack targeted a festival named Nova?  Is this coming Nova explosion announcing the return of our precious LORD Jesus?


Move over, solar eclipse: Scientists predict a once-in-a-lifetime nova explosion in the coming months (endtimeheadlines.org)


Please come soon, LORD Jesus.