Fay (24 Mar 2024)
"The Princess Kate Debacle"


Hi John and Doves,


The media are so clumsy and inept. I can understand the need for privacy when one has received bad, life-endangering, medical news but Kate is not 'normal people'. The so-called conspiracy theories abounded until the 'truth' was recently released to the public. We can be forgiven for questioning the whereabouts of Kate because the media led the public on a merry dance. Posting easily debunked, altered photos plus a video uploaded by 'a member of the public' which clearly showed that the couple in the video were NOT William and Kate. It is the media which has stirred up this fake hornets nest. Most people couldn't give a pig's bottom. We are all so sick and tired of the lies. We only read the 'news' because it pays to know what the enemies of humanity are thinking. It's not that we lack sympathy for Kate but we are, understandably, suspicious of the new 'sympathy engendered' news. What is truth? Is she really ill? How weird is it that Kate and Charles both have cancer? Is this because the British public have lost all interest in the 'royal' family since Queen Liz died? Are the media/powers-that-be attempting to stir up loyalty and love for the royals? The media need to know 'that ship has sailed'. It's gone. It no longer exists. Read the article and recognise the boring propaganda we are continuously subjected to.  PS: I am sad that I have, necessarily, become so cynical. It's an uncomfortable place to be. Love has no place for lies and cynicism.


Girl, eight, who won lockdown cancer battle after being cheered by Kate Middleton during her own fight with the disease is 'deeply saddened' by princess's diagnosis - as her mother says youngster 'will reach out' to royal | Daily Mail Online