Fay (24 Mar 2024)
"They Tried to Kill Us. We Won. Let's Eat!"


Hi John and Doves,


Happy Purim to all. We know how it ends. The fabulous Jewish joke of "They tried to kill us. We won. Let's eat", is timeless. As is most Jewish humour. It never ceases to amaze me just how dumb the world's leaders and media are. They try to warp our minds with 'inclusivity. diversity and acceptance' then lend their loyalty to a religion and race that would kill, stone and torture their 'inclusivity, diversity and acceptance'. Go figure! They are all insane. If these people actually existed outside the media narrative, they would have zero friends. I mean ZERO. Who would want to mix with them? I can guarantee that the majority of the world's people read the mainstream news, every day, with a sense of, 'What the heck did my eyes just see?' The minute we learn to laugh at them is the minute their fake power diminishes. I recall reading about the 'Brown Shirts' that marched (like idiots) in the UK during WW2 - attempting to emulate the Nazi SS. It was tolerated for a very short time by the British public - until they began laughing at them. These 'Brown Shirts' would march up and down the streets of London - Nazi style - and the onlookers/bystanders began erupting in spontaneous laughter. Giggles aplenty. It was this that brought an end to their aggressive march for power.  They had no dignity. No moral high ground. No humanity. The public found them pathetic. Which is where we have reached in our perception of our so-called leaders. PATHETIC! Think Joe Biden, Rishi Sunak, Macron etc. PATHETIC! It has become so obvious, that we can guarantee that the end is nigh. PLEASE come, LORD Jesus.


Laughing at our foes is good therapy during Purim - JNS.org