Fay (24 Mar 2024)
"Queen Esther represents Israel?"


Hi John and Doves,


Reading the Purim story again and again, I prayed for wisdom and clarification. I have slowly come to thinking that Esther represents 'The Woman' aka Israel - who is married to the King (Almighty God). I was praying and hoping that the leaders of Israel would call for a fast and period of repentance prior to this Purim month of Adar 2 (pregnant year). This, sadly, hasn't happened. Political Israel has not recognised her marriage to the King of Kings. But, there are a large amount of Jewish people that have begun to observe the laws of the Covenant and carrying out mitzvah's. Only God knows what is in a person's heart.


The article in the link below holds great information and promise. Please, Almighty God - Let it be so. In Jesus' precious Name.


Purim during the war with Hamas: 5 reasons salvation awaits Israel (msn.com)