Fay (24 Mar 2024)
"This Does NOT Bode Well. Obama arrives in London."


Hi John and Doves,


It's Monday March 18th. What the heck is Obama doing in London? Being received by the government at No.10? He's supposed to be out of power. This does not bode well. Natan was adamant that Obama is Gog. With Ukraine all but hammered by the stupid war with Russia. The USA elections looming with Trump surging ahead in the polls, I reckon Obama is here to push the crisis forward. This visit appears to be THAT important that it couldn't be done over the phone or Zoom.


This is huge heads-up, Doves. Make sure to watch the short video. The article doesn't specify as to why Obama is here and what he's after. SHUDDER!


Obama arrives at Downing Street for surprise private meeting (msn.com)