Fay (10 Mar 2024)
"Lord Balfour's Painting defaced by Pro-Palestinians. Questions?"


Hi John and Doves,


There are guards and cameras all over the place where there are valuable paintings and artefacts. How come these guards and cameras cannot stop these buffoons from damaging these priceless pieces? The question is rhetorical, of course. These acts of vandalism are being allowed and, perhaps, being used as a signal. A signal of the filthies (elites) to the filthies. There's a message being presented here. Much like the predictive programming used in movies and cartoons. A far safer way of messaging each other in this day and age of cyber-warfare and cyber-spying.  Send the message through some obscure act/movie/cartoon. The recipients the message is aimed at, will get the message - loud and clear. 


This particular message is aimed at Jerusalem. I must hastily add that one is immediately slapped on the wrist if one gets too close or touchy feely with the priceless paintings and artefacts in our galleries and museums in UK. This article is aimed at the ignorant. People who have never visited an art gallery or museum. Ignorant people would take this act of vandalism at face value. The reality is that it would NEVER be allowed to happen, in the real world. A message is being sent - no doubt.


Painting of former PM targeted in 'moronic act of vandalism' by pro-Palestine protesters (msn.com)