Fay (10 Mar 2024)
"The Cyprus  Gaza Aid Maritime Corridor"


Hi John and Doves,


This flies in the face of the security of Israel. This is 'the nations'  attempting to take control. Who is going to monitor the shipments coming in as 'aid'? UN security forces? Useless as they are. Hamas sympathisers? USA/NATO boots on the ground? It certainly won't be the Israeli Defence Forces. This so-called aid could contain weapons and other nefarious 'goods' that endanger Israel. This is utterly appalling and dangerous behaviour from the USA, UK, France the EU etc.


According to the article in the link, this aid corridor will begin operating as early as Friday (March 8th). What can the Israeli government do about it? Short of attacking the ships using the corridor? This news is absolutely surreal. Let's not forget that Cyprus is a main Turkish base - half of Cyprus having been annexed by Turkey and the other half is where Greek Cypriots live.  This is HUGE  news!


Cyprus-Gaza maritime aid corridor to open this weekend, with EU and US support | Euronews


Please come, LORD Jesus.