Fay (10 Mar 2024)
"The IDF's Preparation for the month of Ramadan"


Hi John and Doves,


This is what Israel is dealing with! The walls of evil are closing in on Israel. A brief quote from the article in the link:-  "Thus far, Hamas has failed to ignite Judea and Samaria with violence and it views Ramadan as a new opportunity to do that...."


Hamas/Hezbollah/Iran etc., cannot afford to let the momentum ease off. It seems they see as this as their big chance to try and destroy Israel's people. They have divided the world with their evil propaganda - they may not get an opportunity like this again. They can't afford to stop now.


We are so close, Doves.


Israelís defense establishment prepares for multiple Ramadan scenarios - JNS.org


Please come, LORD Jesus.