Elliot Hong (31 Mar 2024)
"Three Thoughts about The Baltimore Bridge Collapse"

Dear Doves:

Three thoughts came up when I watched the news about the bridge collapse and who Francis Scott Key is.

1) He wrote the lyrics of the national anthem and it reminded me of 2012 London Olympics.
     Because the US flag fell when the Star-Spangled Banner was played during the Gold Medal Ceremony.
     It was 8/4 which was the birthday of the 44th President.
     3/26/24 is 11 Years 7 months 22(11+11) days from the ominous sign.
     Triple 11 and 7 could mean that more Judgments surely come.
     This message says "More Catastrophe is coming!" as below.

2) The container ship which crashed into the bridge reminded me of Ever Given which was freed in Suez Canal.
     Ever Given was wedged from 3/23 for 7 days and finally freed on 3/29 by the high tide of Passover full moon.
     Fay interpreted it as the birth of the Firstfruits and the next Red Sea Miracle in the near future.
     From the sunset of 3/23 this year, Purim has begun and 3/29 was 6 years 6 months 6 days from Rev.12 Sign.
     Thus the refloating of Ever Given on 3/29 was definitely a 3 year warning.
     The sacrifice of Red Heifer didn't happen on 3/29, but Israel carried out a deadly airstrikes on this high watch day.

3) 3/29 is Good Friday, and it reminded me of a 10 day warning that Silva Sherry received.
     She heard that 10 days will be 3 days that Jesus was in the grave plus 7 days of the Noah's Ark.
     If 3 days are from this Good Friday on 3/29 to Resurrection Sunday on 3/31, 7 days will be from 4/1 to 4/7.
     It's possible that the Firstfruits Bride is birthed on 3/31 and trained for 7 days in the ark.
     Amazingly, it's 50 days from Super Bowl to 3/31 and the prophecy of Bob Jones could be fulfilled on this day.
     And if the Remnant begins to witness for 40 days as like Jonah from 4/8, all puzzles fit.

Hopefully this is it.