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""THE 7TH & 8TH HEADS ON THE BEAST - Caliph Ibrahim Was Not A Caliph Only 42 Months"


Hi John, Doves and Donna,

Donna Danna (25 Feb 2024)
THE 7TH & 8TH HEADS ON THE BEAST - Caliph Ibrahim Was Not A Caliph Only 42 Months"

Sorry Donna, but you have got the wrong end of the stick… re. Caliph Ibrahim in your letter (25 Feb,) THE 7TH & 8TH HEADS ON THE BEAST - Caliph Ibrahim Was Not A Caliph Only 42 Months (fivedoves.com)

…in reply to my post THE SEVENTH and EIGHTH HEADS ON THE BEAST (fivedoves.com)

Caliph Ibrahim could only ‘continue’ to be a Caliph (quite apart from his later death) as long as he had a Caliphate, i.e., territory to rule over. Once the Caliphate was driven out of the two cities it claimed as its Capitals when it was militarily defeated, and after its defeat was announced by both Syria and Russia on Dec. 9/10, 2017) the Caliphate was no more! Ibrahim was made redundant—whether he liked it or not! Hence, Ibrahim and his short-lived successors can call themselves anything at all, but without a territorial kingdom to rule over, they are simply posturing! 

It was the Caliphate that ‘continued’ for ‘its’ 42 month tenure, which I have emphasised in my letter

(below) dated January 14, 2024, but you have made it sound as if it was the Caliph that I focussed on by picking out this sentence:  ‘he must continue a short time. [as Caliph Ibrahim—SUNNI Islamic State (ISIS)— reappearing as a substitute Caliph: June 29, 2014–Dec. 9, 2017, for 42 months.]

YES, he did BUT, only for a little while (RSV), as long as he had a Caliphate to rule over, and that ended on Dec. 9, 2017.

  This is what I wrote…


The idea of a latter-day Caliphate was promoted by Osama Bin Laden at the beginning of the 21st Century, but it was not recreated until Ramadan 2014, via ‘so-called’ Caliph Ibrahim, when the Islamic State (ISIS) was declared. This revived radical Islamic Caliphate came into being after a hiatus period of 90 years when empires ceased to exist!  After ISIS completed its prophesied 42 months operation of terror and barbarism (cf. Rev. 13:5), from June 29, 2014–Dec. 9, 2017, the Islamic State’s ‘territorial’ Caliphate was destroyed after intensive bombing by a coalition of nations; but its Salafist ideology remained active within many of the numerous Islamist Terrorist groups, (designated as such, by the United States). These Islamist groups are based in many nations of the World.  (See pages 3–4 for diagrammatic explanation of the beast’s polities mentioned in Revelation 13 and 17:8–11).

You will notice how naturally the pronoun ‘it’ has been used for the Caliphate (above) because the word ‘beast’ is not used in Revelation.  The book of Revelation uses the word ‘animal in the Greek and portrays the ‘animal’ afterward as it!  This rather precludes the idea that the ‘animal’ is a man (or the Antichrist as you say). The fact that a masculine pronoun is used in modern translations for the ‘beast’ does not mean that it (the animal) is either a king or a male person. The RSV and the new RSV correctly uses neutral pronouns for the animal/beast,  i.e., it for the animal/beast, its heads, its mouth and its horns!

Making the animal’s pronouns masculine in English is a supposition of the translators, depending on what their intention is. It is the dragon that has masculine pronouns attributed to him in Greek.

Revelation 13 Greek interlinear, parsed and per word translation, free online (abarim-publications.com)

We frequently use an old saying in our tribe… ‘Only the facts have been altered to make the story more interesting!’

Greek is an interesting language because its verbs carry time tenses, while a lot of ‘unlikely’ words carry genders, some of which seem very strange to our modern thinking...  The fact that this animal/beast entity has neutral gender in the Greek in Revelation 13 is somewhat conclusive—to my way of thinking—because it is obvious that in Revelation 17 (RSV),  the quasi-religious ‘woman’ (that great city) is not sitting on a ‘man’ but she is sitting on/dominating an ‘animal’ that represents a political-religious institution or belief system with world-wide influence and many followers who resent Mecca, that great city’s end time influence over their affairs.  E.g., SUNNI vs. SHIA wars over the succession issue after Muhammad’s death. For numerous wars between these opposing parties—see 3rd Para. Shia–Sunni relations - Wikipedia

The beast is not a person; it is a neuter gender political entity…a Government structure! This is why in the Book of Revelation we see that the animal/beast has had a series of seven ‘heads’ or ‘types of governments’ throughout the Biblical era beginning with the first organisation of empire in Babel. Yes, and they all had ‘male’ kings, emperors, Caliph’s etc. to lead them, but the Bible’s emphasis has always been on the ‘polity/head’ by noting the rise and fall of the succeeding empires (kingdoms) in the Middle East that have been/are at enmity with the people chosen by God (both Jews and Christians) during the Old and New Testament eras.

While there is no Islamic Caliphate in existence at present, the threat of its return (in some [8th] form or other, similar to what we have recently seen) is written in Revelation 17:11.  

As for the beast that was and is not, it is an eighth, but it belongs to the seven, and it goes to perdition. (RSV)

 See box 4:   THE SEVENTH and EIGHTH HEADS ON THE BEAST (fivedoves.com)

In our 21st Century, the free world has been increasingly under attack from the 7th head polity, (i.e., Islamism) via its dogma/Islamist belief system that opposes Yahweh, via its world-wide influence over peoples, multitudes, nations and tongues (Rev. 17:1, 15). The animal being full of  names of blasphemy indicates idolatry directed against God (Rev. 16:11, 17:3).

Historically, it (the political-religious animal entity) was first mortally wounded with the sword of war in 1918 (when the SUNNI Ottoman Empire fell and its territory was divided up), while its ‘titles’ were made obsolete 1922-1924 when the Caliphate and Caliph were both lawfully written out of existence. Ninety years later (after a slow recovery through the promotion of Islamist propaganda and Salafist ideology) it was healed and came back to life again in 2014 as the SUNNI Islamic State/Caliphate in Syria and Iraq, until the 7th beast ‘head’ that ‘continued’ for a short time received its second mortal wound after being bombed with fire and brimstone (Rev. 17:8), and it went to perdition in 2017.

See my book The Beast and Babylon—the Revival of Radical Islam

The Beast and Babylon: The Revival of Radical Islam - J.B. Whitelaw-Stevens - Google Books

This world-wide polity—i.e., Islamism, the animal/beast that is at enmity with God and His people—used to be called Mohammedanism (after the name of the beast or the number of his name… for it is the number of a man; his number is 666) cf. Rev. 13:17–18 which has to be calculated.

So, via the Arabic numerals that we use today, the people who follow him and revere him so much that his face must never be portrayed are called Muhammadans  (whose moniker when calculated (via English Gematria + 6 for each letter of the alphabet) adds up to 648, plus 6 + 6 + 6  i.e., the number of carbon atoms in man… (6 electrons, 6 protons and 6 neutrons) = 666.  So does ‘Allah is Lord’ = 666. Clearly, the ‘animal/beast’ by whom its followers and its leader the ‘false’ prophet are named are presented in the scripture as apocalyptic symbols of the last anti-Christian power.

The beast, Islamism/Mohammedanism, in its 8th appearance, with its propaganda, principles, practices and culture, will be destroyed at the return of Jesus Christ when… From His mouth issues a sharp sword [of truth] with which to smite the nations, and he will rule them with a rod of iron; he will tread the wine press of the fury of the wrath of God the Almighty. (Rev. 19:15) (RSV)