Donna Danna (31 Mar 2024)
"Cardinal Muller Slams 'Disgraceful' Vatican Meeting With German Bishops to 'Negotiate Faith & Morals'"

Cardinal Müller slams ‘disgraceful’ Vatican meeting with German bishops to ‘negotiate faith and morals’ - LifeSite (
"Cardinal Gerhard Müller strongly criticized “negotiations” between the Vatican and German bishops about the heretical German Synodal Way and accused “German Synodalists” of effectively blaming Christ for sin by falsely claiming that His Commandments are responsible for the abuse crisis."
"The main argument put forth to justify the proposed changes to perennial Church teaching on sexuality by the proponents of the Synodal Way is that priestly celibacy and “rigid” sexual morals were responsible for the abuse crisis in the Church. As Cardinal Müller explained, the heretical German bishops who support the Synodal Way are, therefore, indirectly accusing Christ of causing sexual abuse through the moral law He established."
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