Donna Danna (31 Mar 2024)

Major Announcement from Jonathan Cahn 2024 (
(A 5:42 minute video about Jonathan Cahn's new book The Dragon's Prophecy that will be released on 9/03/2024.)

Is it possible that what we see taking place at the end of the age is the answer to ancient revelation—and that we are now seeing it unfold?
Like Jonathan Cahn’s other eight New York Times best sellers, The Dragon’s Prophecy is explosive and mind-blowing. Readers will discover how the events of our times are dramatically shifting our world into the fulfillment of ancient prophecies and revelations.
THE DRAGON’S PROPHECY—Israel, the Dark Resurrection, and the End of Days—by JONATHAN CAHN
Is there more to this world than meets our eyes?
Is there an ancient vision that reveals what is now taking place in our world?
Is there an ancient prophecy that tells us what the future holds?
Is there an ancient force that operated in ancient times that is now operating in the modern world, determining the course of current events, from Israel to that which threatens a Third World War, and touching each of our lives?
What is the dark resurrection?
What is the mystery of the dragon?

Are we in the midst of a war we don’t even realize is being waged against us?

What is the most accurate timepiece signaling the last days?

Who are the Sea Peoples?

Can we uncover its plans and strategies, even those directed against our own lives?

Is there a little-known secret to overcoming the evils of our day and the conflict of our lives?

Was there a three-thousand-year-old revelation that determined the attack of Hamas on Israel, down to the year, the month, the week, and the exact day?

What is the End of Days, and are they here?

What lies ahead?

And much, much more

After eight New York Times best sellers, Jonathan Cahn now releases his newest blockbuster, THE DRAGON’S PROPHECY: Israel, the Dark Resurrection, and the End of Days, the stunning and mind-blowing revelation that opens up the mystery of our times, the events shaking our world, and what lies in store for us in the days to come. Jonathan Cahn’s latest book will open up the mysteries of what has been, what is now happening, and what is yet to take place—even the end of the age—unlocking shocking revelations that will enable you to see what is taking place in your world in an entirely new way.


  • The mystery of Israel and how it is now unfolding before our eyes
  • The other ancient people that were resurrected at the same time as Israel’s resurrection—more than 2,000 years after they perished
  • The Return of the Sea People
  • The Day of the Dragon
  • The Countdown of Days
  • How all this relates to end-time prophecy
  • And much, much more

THE DRAGON’S PROPHECY—Israel, the Dark Resurrection, and the End of Days. As explosive and mind-bending as the other books of Jonathan Cahn—it will open your eyes and change the way you see the events of our times and your world. The book you can’t afford not to read! Prepare to be blown away!