Donna Danna (3 Mar 2024)

There are many poems to be written.
There are many stories to be told,
But the world's future, I am now going to unfold
From John's Revelation of the apocalypse
Which is the future foretold.
Into heaven in the spirit, he was taken up
And on a bittersweet scroll he was made to sup
As no living man before him hath
Seen or tasted the wine of God's future wrath
As he beheld the world's future and her coming bloodbath.
He began to see a future very real
As the angel broke the first seal
And the future's scroll was unrolled to reveal
Death's final hour and its meal
Of that time, you know not the hour
When Christ will come back in all His power
When Christ's chosen will be taken up
And death will on mankind sup
When men drink wrath's wine from death's bloody cup
At that time, men will in fear cower
At that dreaded, awaited hour
For the grapes who are sour will be trampled down
In the Book of Life, they will not be found
Into the winepresses, they surely will be thrown
A more horrible bloody death men have never known
It will be a bitter brew
For those souls Christ never knew
Since they are not mine,
the vulturous death riders on these men will dine.
I pray for you that it's not too late
For even now these riders are at Hell's gate
For all lost souls, they do await
Now hear the death bells begin to toll
As the thunder begins to roll
From the valley of death,
The four horsemen of the apocalypse rode into view
Those vengeful scavengers of death I knew
By which many men would draw their final breath
Their horse hoofs beat the drums of death
As those hideous grim reapers came into view
Those loud booming hoofs of thunder
To beat mankind apart and asunder
Many men's souls they would ravage, and they would plunder
Before they were finally through.
Watch out lest they come for you.
First, the white horse galloped quickly into sight
This fallen man was dressed all in white
It was the Antichrist, a counterfeit
On the Temple's throne, he would sit
He would conquer the world with his deceiving light
The cruel fangs of death would be in his bite
Faithful saints to God he would behead
On to the ground their blood would be shed
Then I saw the angry, red war horse gallop into view
His sword he flashed, their bodies he strew
As the red blood flew
Many men his sword slew
As the pile of bodies grew and grew
Yet ever onward that horseman flew
To take the blood and souls of men on earth
Of men who had no spiritual rebirth
And were not born anew.
They were not God's chosen few
And Christ they never knew
And death laughed in glee
Over those lost souls in victory
The grim reaper took them as a prize and a spoil
For those men to God had not been loyal.
Next the dark horse of famine and sickness trotted into view
And its widen open jaws took men and began to chew
And I knew the pale horse of death would finally ensue
Shortly thereafter, the pale gray horse of death did follow
To take the men's souls that were hollow
Men in fear and in anticipation did wallow 
As death's mouth opened and took them in to swallow
It consumed many people with great delight
With hunger and sickness it did smite
The souls of men it did swallow
Whose souls were empty and were hollow
That gruesome sight made me sick
I hope your flesh the vultures never pick
Those soul snatchers you never want to know
As the winds of death must surely blow.
For into the world, those four death riders go
It is just the beginning of the end of mankind's woe
Do not spiritually slumber or sleep
Pray that your soul may escape eternal death's reap
For those lost souls, he will surely keep.
Watch lest Christ's coming takes you unaware
When true believers will be caught up to Him in the air
For that day, your soul you must prepare
You don't want to end up in the lake of fire in despair
Do not in spiritual darkness cower
Do you not know the lateness of the hour.
Arise, gone is your spiritual night
You have seen the Son, the light
For the Son of God has already risen. The hour is late
The death riders are gathering at the gate.
The choice of eternal life or death is still yours to pick
As the horse hoofs begin to impatiently kick
With them chomping at the bit
The time is not now to be a hypocrite
Repent of your sins or be left behind
With the rest of sinners and evil mankind
With the choice of eternal death or being beheaded
Change the wrong way that you now are headed
Soul, awake before it's too late
You don't want the grapes of wrath as your fate
At a time when the lost souls of this world will be forsaken
And in fear, men's hearts will be quaking
As they are in their boots shaking
When from this world, God's children will be taken
It is a time of God's vengeful wrath on sinful man
Escape now, if your soul still can
Before the death drumbeats begin to roll
And your eternal death is forever sealed on its scroll
Never say that you were not warned or told
Of what your future might hold
For this poem is the revelation of the future foretold
Of the Apocalypse
From my very own lips
To your listening ears
Before the Son of God appears
Repent now and choose eternal life
To be part of His Bride and His wife