Donna Danna (3 Mar 2024)
"SCANDAL: Cardinal Dolan Downplays 'Cecilia' Gentili's Sacrilegious Funeral At St. Patrick's Cathedral"

Hero? NYC Cardinal Timothy Dolan responds to LGBT funeral for atheist Cecilia Gentili (

(This is a 4:58 minute video. Cardinal Dolan thinks the priest doing the funeral service was a hero because he didn't do a funeral mass where the bread and wine are served to the congregation.  At the 3:03 minute mark, the people in the congregation laugh when a male speaker at the atheist transgender's funeral at St. Patrick's Cathedral in New York City, from the pulpit proceeds to say, "This whore, this great whore, St. Cecilia, Mother of all whores." Then  everyone in the congregation proceeds to clap their hands and cheer.") (No respect for the Lord God in these evil end times.)

SCANDAL: Cardinal Dolan downplays ‘Cecilia’ Gentili’s sacrilegious funeral at St. Patrick’s Cathedral (
This is a longer video and discussion about the transgender funeral in the first half of the video and in the second half free masons are discussed. Those attending the transgender funeral want an apology since it was just a funeral service and not a funeral mass with everyone partaking of the wine and the bread.
During the discussion of free masonry, one person stated that during a 1970 centennial parade, a free mason banner said on it "Satan must reign in the Vatican; the Pope will be his slave."