Craig Opal (31 Mar 2024)
"Pray for Trump and his family"

Donít Judge Trump, instead pray for him.  His time will come just as all of our times where we will all answer for what we have done and havenít done, which are equally important.

But Iím Not sure we should be giving out trophies on who is a Christian and who isnít in Politics, quite yet. Though some are more obvious than others. 

Just because someone might not  be able to name their ďfavorite bible verseĒ is hardly the test of oneís Christianity. Yes, his eye for an eye attitude in the past is certainly not New Testament, but we are all still on a journey. He switched churches in 2020, from Presbyterian to non-denominational evangelical. But he made a statement in 2016, that his favorite verse then was an eye for an eye, but that was before his new found faith. 

Thatís certainly not a bad thing and proves he is at least attempting to grow in the faith. He is described by some as being a baby Christian. So then, given that none of us has arrived yet and all are works in progress, cut him some slack, lest we be judged by the same criteria ourselves. 

No one could argue that there has never been a man who has been under such constant, evil, relentless attack from all sides as DJT. Even too many from within his own camp.

Most of us could NEVER endure the beatings and accusations he has and will always have until he dies. His enemies will never rest. But yet still God protects him as he protects all of us. 

Conservatives have long needed a fighter who would stand up against the evils that slap us all in the face on a constant basis and DJT has delivered on all those fronts. He is PROLIFE and PRO ISRAEL, along with being PRO BIBLE, the 3 most important issues of our lifetime. 

You donít have to agree with him on everything or his style, or past, to vote for him. But to not vote at all, is to vote for the evil that resides on the other side. Who can be a Christian and condone Abortion, or say itís Ok to kill Jews?

For the record, if asked I would have told someone long ago my favorite verse was Philippians 4:13, but is it ok to change your favorite verse? Or is it ok to like so many, that you canít settle on one?

As for me and my house, we will serve and follow the Lord, but we donít follow Donald J Trump, instead we pray for him, his family and all who endure persecution in the name of doing whatís right as he does.

Of course heís far from perfect, as most are, but as far as politics goes, he has already proven he would give up everything he owns to save this country. Most enter the presidency and politics only to enrich themselves. Trump was the opposite, he was already rich, powerful and famous, so the last thing he needed was to open himself to this circus that seeks to destroy him and us. 

No one in the history of politics in this country has ever risked so much, other than the few that have been assassinated, and Iím sure they are working on that too. So again pray for the only man who stands for millions of innocents being slaughtered year after year for the simple crime of trying to be born. And pray for the only man who has Israelís back. 

Lastly, when it comes time to vote, which we probably wonít even make it that far, but vote your conscience which hopefully is God's conscience. But to not vote at all is to vote. Doing nothing while the real real modern day Hitler gains power, probably isnít the best idea. 

But God is still in control and heís coming as we all know. We only need to be ready, when he does.