Chance (31 Mar 2024)
"Netanyahu's Coalition And The New National Conscription Plan"

Hello John and Doves,
The ultra-Orthodox Jews have been exempt from serving in the Israeli military - but that could change soon.  The Israeli government is suppose to present proposals to the Supreme Court concerning a new draft policy.  The Israeli military needs new recruits as tensions continue to rise with Muslim neighbors.
"A stunning Israeli Supreme Court order freezing funding for ultra-Orthodox yeshivas unless their students enlist in the military could rupture Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's right-wing coalition as the war with Hamas rages on."
"The Israeli government has until Monday to present a new national conscription plan, following Thursday's order affirming a 2018 high court ruling that found the current system, which historically has exempted ultra-Orthodox Jews from service, is discriminatory."
"A large majority of Israelis seen their exemption from military service as unfair."
Netanyahu asked the court for a 30-day extension to try to come up with a compromise.  The ultra-Orthodox "make up 13% of Israel's population."  As of this article, no response has been given concerning this delay.
This exemption policy has been a real sticking point for Netanyahu's coalition.
The Ultra-Orthodox parties "had been promised decades-long exemption from the nation's military draft would be made permanent, slammed the court's decision as a "mark of Cain."
The rest of this coalition believes the need for more troops is critical as Israel continues with this war against Hamas and the growing threat of Hezbollah in Lebanon.
IF the ultra-Orthodox members leave the government because of a new draft policy, this "would trigger a new election at a time when Netanyahu has taken a tumble in the polls."
The ultra-Orthodox students have "been allowed to study Torah full time and receive government stipends."  Tens of thousands of Israelis have been called to duty and over 500 soldiers have been killed.  (These stipends will be suspended this Monday.)
The Obama-Biden administration would love to see Netanyahu gone as PM of Israel.  Their CIA is probably instigating even more resentment.
All of this is going on while Netanyahu's government is in the middle of a stand off with the Obama-Biden administration.  This started when Washington did not veto a resolution for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza by the U.N. Security Council.
"Netanyahu's position remains dependent on holding together his coalition with hard-right religious nationalist parties that are resolutely opposed to any let-up in the war or any concession to international demands for a broad-based political settlement with the Palestinians."
The conscription law with exemptions for the ultra-Orthodox Jews is "shaping up as a significant obstacle, highlighting a longstanding divide between secular and religious Israelis." Yoav Gallant, the Defense Minister has been pushing to include these Jews in the conscription laws.
Netanyahu coalition under strain after standoff with US over Gaza vote | Reuters

Benny Gantz the Israeli War Cabinet Minister is behind the Defense Minister's call for drafting the ultra-Orthodox.  He said, "All parts of Israeli society should take part in the right to serve.  This is a security, national and social need."
Gantz says he'll answer Gallant's call to advance bill aimed at drafting Haredim | The Times of Israel
The United Torah Judaism party and the Shas party both denounced the court ruling.  And Netanyahu's AG said she "saw no legal basis for deferring the ultra-Orthodox conscriptions."
13% of the Israeli population is ultra-Orthodox and this number is "expected to reach 19% by 2035."  "Economists argue that the waiver from the draft keeps some unnecessarily in seminaries and out of the workforce, spelling a growing welfare burden for middle-class taxpayers.  The 21% Arab population in Israel is "mostly exempt from the draft...".
The current conscription law is for men and women to be "called up at age 18, with men serving three years and women two."
Netanyahu Asks Israeli Court to Defer Deadline on Conscription Controversy
It seems Israel has had quiet a few 'fragile' governments for several years in a row now.  And Netanyahu has often come out the PM.  Does God still have use for Bibi as PM of Israel or is someone else rising to this position?  We'll see if Netanyahu gets his extension or there will be new conscription laws very soon which could end his power.
Very interesting timing with everything else going on this Spring.
Pray for the peace of Jerusalem!