Chance (31 Mar 2024)
"If We Stopped Oil - Six Billion People Will Die"

Hello John and Doves,
The WEF/globalists want to do away with fossil fuels.  This 'Net Zero' plan would result in the deaths of some six billion people.  This is to be carried out via Agenda 2030 and Agenda 2050.  Neil Record wrote a good article in "The Telegraph" about the 'Just Stop Oil' movement and Bjorn Lomborg is just as vocal against these activists and the WEF/globalist plans.
Neil Record:
"But what would happen if we literally just stopped oil tomorrow and did without the natural resources on which the world, its economies and populations depend?  The answer:  most likely six billion people would die within a year."
Neil Record wrote in The Telegraph, "I am going to assume the "oil" in Just Stop Oil means fossil fuels - so oil, gas and coal.  I am also going to assume that we have today's technological knowledge and infrastructure, so we are talking about stopping fossil fuels now, not at some unspecified time in the future.":
Day 1:  No more mining of coal.  All oil wells shut down.  Millions of people would soon have no heating, no hot water and no cooking facilities.  They would turn to electricity.  Increased use of electricity would result in brown out and black outs.  "The grid would spiral into uncontrollability."  No mobile phones.  No TV.  No running water.  People will start to die.
Day 25:  No more diesel and gasoline.  Then no food distribution.  Massive starvation.  "Only isolated rural communities, agriculturally self-sufficient, would be relatively unaffected."
Day 50:  Many urban deaths due to starvation.  Law and order gone.  Mass conflict and slaughter.  People desperate to survive.  Cholera, dysentery rampant with no power, water, sewage.
Day 100:  About half the worlds population will be dead - four billion people.  Money and class level would be irrelevant.  Survivors would be rural - living off local agriculture and food stocks.
Day 365:  Two billion people dead due to starvation or frozen to death.  Two billion people left alive.  Mad Max scenario.  "A new dark age would ensue.":

What could happen if we just stopped oil? Six billion might die

This timeline would be a similar timeline if an EMP was set off over America.
I do not think the world will survive to 2030 much less 2050!, but these elitists will push their plans as far as they can - maybe even escalate their timeline. And their minions - 'Just Stop Oil' will do their bidding.  It is them that are destroying the Earth.  They are following satan's agenda and they may not even realize it.
Revelation 11:18, God will destroy those who destroy the Earth.
Pray for the peace of Jerusalem!