Chance (3 Mar 2024)
"Defense Minister Calls For Military Draft For the Ultra-Orthodox"

Hello John and Doves,
This is a big sign of escalations in the Middle East. 
"Defense Minister Yoav Gallant calls for all part of Israeli society, most notably the ultra-Orthodox, to be drafted to military service, citing a "national need" during the ongoing war.  For decades, ultra-Orthodox Israelis have held a near-blanket exemption from national service in favor of religious studies."
Gallant said, "Today, there is a real need for the extension of the service time of the standing army soldiers, and in extending the service period of the reservists..."  The IDF announced plans earlier in February of plans to lengthen military service.
He went on to say that "We cherish and appreciate those who dedicate their lives to learning the Torah.  However, without physical existence, there is no spiritual existence.  Our security challenges demonstrate that everyone must bear the burden of service.  All parts of society."
The various members of the government need to agree upon a draft law.  "Gallant says drafting all parts of society is "essential to winning the war.....This is a national-security matter of utmost importance."
Israel is seeing 'the handwriting on the wall' and is preparing for major escalations'  Israel is still dealing with the Gaza Strip (Hamas),  and cross border skirmishes with Lebanon (Hezbollah), and it's getting dicey with Judea and Sumaria (PLA)...and then there is Syria and Iran and....??  Israel is facing multiple existential threats from the area.
And now, there are reports that Hezbollah and Israel are preparing for full scare war.
Nothing will happen in the Middle East outside of God's will.  Nothing will happen to Israel outside of God's will.  
Pray for the peace of Jerusalem!