Chance (3 Mar 2024)
"Steve M:  "A dry run for an EMP attack?""

Hello Steve and Doves,
Steve linked a couple of The Simpson videos in this letter - one on an EMP attack on America and another on the Rapture.
A dry run of an EMP attack?
Some have said there have been some predictions in various episodes of The Simpsons that have come true.
I'll add this third video - The Simpsons Season 16 Episode 19.  It came out May 8, 2005.  It came out about 19 years ago.  In this episode, Homer 'calculates' the date of the Rapture:  3:15 PM on May 18.  (No year given.)
When we add 40 days (the Sign of Jonah/40 days) to April 8, 2024 - the day of the total solar eclipse - we get May 18, 2024.
Just thought that was interesting.