Chance (3 Mar 2024)
"Raul D:  Solar Eclipse Rapture Vision & April Taiwan Invasion"

Hello Raul D and Doves,
This is a very interesting letter from Raul D. 

With our Great Total Solar Eclipse warning of (possible) doom in America's near future, this letter points out that it is of a military advantage for China to attack Taiwan in April (or October) due to calmer waters in the Strait.  The total solar eclipse is on April 8, over America.
Raul D. also wrote about a vision that "Jesus would come when China invades Taiwan."  There is also the dream of the Rapture after a total solar eclipse.
And the Dumitru Duduman vision of 1996 where he heard the Russian and Chinese presidents scheming against America.  "When America goes to war with China, the Russians will strike without warning."
In this vision, Dumitru heard from an angel who said "I am the protector of America.  America's sin has reached God.  He will allow this destruction, for He can no longer stand such wickedness."  Then he told Dumitru about a heavenly army to save God's people.  (Rapture?)
I wrote in the past about Pastor Dana Coverstone's dream about China - he saw their warships circling Taiwan and then one ship pulled away and fired a missile towards America.  It caused an EMP over the country.
Add this to my today's letters about Russian cyber attacks and the bombshell leak about CIA militarizing Ukraine - just like Putin pointed out before the war.
Add to this report claiming "some in the U.S. intelligence community now assess that China could attack as soon as 2024."
How We Would Know When China Is Preparing to Invade Taiwan - Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
Will that be in April or October, 2024?
China has told us that an attack on Taiwan would be a decoy - that their real target is the U.S. - they want our land and infrastructure.  They want America gone.  
And Russia has known all along about the U.S. bioweapons labs in Ukraine on their border.  And the CIA's militarization of Ukraine and how Ukraine is being used as a proxy by the West - most especially by the U.S. - the U.S. has funded most of this war against Russia.
Seems to me that what the U.S. has done in Ukraine against Russia is a case for war.  IF the U.S. confiscates $285 billion from the Russian Central Bank - that isn't for the U.S. to just use however it wants.  The U.S. wants to use it to fund the Ukraine/CIA side of this war.
Yellen: Moves to unlock value of frozen Russian assets 'necessary and urgent' | Reuters
This is Russian money - that was frozen as a sanction against Russia.  Not to steal.
And with the bioweapons labs on Russia's border and the newly leaked military assistance/funding going on with the CIA in Ukraine and the endless sanctions and the U.S. is the main source of funding, training, intelligence in Ukraine to use against Russa.  Russia could declare war on the U.S.  And most of the world wouldn't condemn Russia for attacking the U.S.  After all that's come out.
And now Biden has announced over 500 new sanctions on Russia for war in Ukraine and the death of Navalny.  This article is dated February 23, 2024.  "The United States is imposing sanctions on more than 500 targets connected to Russia's war machine and the death of Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny..."  (I wonder if the West...the CIA maybe via trained Ukrainian assets in Russia...killed Navalny to make Putin look bad and allow another reason for yet more sanctions...why would Putin do this? - especially after the Tucker Carlson interview that the whole world saw.  Makes no political sense. )   The U.S. is sanctioning companies "from China, the United Arab Emirates, Serbia, Germany and elsewhere...  "..the new sanctions, taken in partnership with the European Union and the United Kingdom, will help put "sand in the gears of Russia's military industry complex."
Biden announces over 500 new sanctions for Russia's war in Ukraine and Navalny death : NPR
Both Russia and China have reasons to want the U.S. gone.  Being in cahoots in a war against America would serve both their needs.
Which reminds me of the destruction of Babylon in The Revelation.  Everyone stands by and watches this happen.  Lamenting the destruction of this great city.  No one steps in to help.  Looks like Babylon 'had what was coming to her.'  And the world just accepted this destruction.  America certainly has had her hand in too many pies - especially with the CIA and evil leaders.  I don't know who Babylon is in The Revelation.  But America certainly is involved in a lot of evil.  And judgment is coming.
Thank you for your letter, Raul D.  As we get closer and closer to the Rapture day, I expect more dreams and visions.  And IF the Rapture is somewhere around this eclipse - we may see more eclipse/Rapture dreams!.
Lot of dots!