Chance (3 Mar 2024)
"Rabbi:  Why I Believe The Messiah Is Coming""

Hello John and Doves,
Rabbi Yaakov Asher Sinclair believes the Messiah is coming~
Rabbi Sinclair said:
It's difficult for us to imagine cataclysmic change. Today was like yesterday and yesterday was like the day before that.  But things do change and sometimes cataclysmically.  
There is no realistic scenario for the war in Gaza. It's clear Hamas will not settle for a state unless its 'from the river to the sea'.  This is an existential war without a solution.  This is a war of ideals.  This is a titanic clash of cultures that will not and cannot end in a stable compromise.
"As a believing Jew it's clear to me that the only solution to this situation is Mashiach, Messiah.  For whom we daily hope and wait and pray."  People will think that's a bit of a pipe dream - because nothing in our experience has resembled Mashiach, Messiah. 
"God promised the Jewish people He would bring us a Messiah.  And just as He promised us that He would preserve us through out our long years of exile and torment and He's done that against all the laws of history so I believe that He will bring His Redeemer to Zion."
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The Jewish people realize the situation in Israel is dire.  They are in an existential war.  They are fighting for the very existence of Israel and the Jewish people.  Religious Jews are looking for their Messiah to come as Hashem has promised them.
As of March 2, the Biden administration has announced that Israel will agree to a cease fire in exchange for the return of the hostages. This would involve a six-week pause to the Gaza war.  This will allow humanitarian aid to get into Gaza quicker.  But the ball is in Hamas' court.  In this deal, the hostages HAVE TO BE RELEASED.  Israel wants a complete list of all living hostages.
US official: Israel agreed to hostage, ceasefire deal, Hamas must next - The Jerusalem Post
Pray for the peace of Jerusalem!