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"Follow-Up on Embalmers Clots - Dr. Philip McMillan and Dr. Shakara Chetty"

Hello John and Doves,
Dr. John Campbell has been talking about these odd white fibrous clots found by embalmers in the U.K. and in the U.S. for two or so years now.  In fact, there is a letter today with Dr. John Campbell and Major Haviland discussing these odd clots.  And wondering if these are forming in the living to any degree as only embalmers (so far) are reporting them.  These clots are reportedly found in Covid-19 vaccinated bodies.  And these clots showed up AFTER the "vaccine" roll out.
This letter is about Dr. Philip McMillan's recent contact and follow up interview with a whistlleblower who works at a cath lab.  The whistleblower talked about what they have been finding in his lab.  Dr. McMillan admitted he believed these clots only formed AFTER death - not before.  This interview changes everything....
A 'cath lab' is a catheterization laboratory - cath labs are found in hospitals and clinics and utilize diagnositic imaging equipment to "visualize the arteries of the heart and the chambers of the heart and treat any stenosis or abnormality found."  They use "an X-ray image intensifer for fluoroscopic imaging."  These labs are "usually staffed by a multidisciplinary team" usually consisting of a medical practitioner like a cardiologist or radiologist, a cardiac physiologist, radiographer and a nurse."  They are able to get a 'live view of the patient's ECG.  They can set up temporary pacemakers and defibrillators.  They are the ones who do the angioplasties or percutaneous coronary intervention.
Catheterization laboratory - Wikipedia
An angioplasty is where a clogged blood vessel of the heart is opened up with a balloon and a stent.  Percutaneous coroonary intervension is a general name for any procedure that opens up blocked coronary atteries so blood can get to the heart.

The cath lab where this whistelblower works does more than the above - they actually remove the clots that blood thinners can't dissolve - they use vacuums and sometimes 'rakes' to scrap out the blockage, as needed.
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And two other letters from 2022:  So these odd clots were being reported by embalmers as far back as December 2021....maybe even further.  They started showing up after the Covid-19 "vaccine" roll out.
The question many are asking is:  are these odd clots occurring in the living or are they forming only after the person dies?
In this interview, Dr. Philip McMillan talks with an 'anonymous' whistleblower who works in a cath lab.  The whistleblower presented Dr. McMillan with pictures of what he's finding in his lab - pictures are at the link.
The whistleblower had seen previous interviews with embalmers and saw what they were finding; and he and his team had been pulling these same clots out of their living patients.  He's been at the same cath lab for 20 years. 
(my notes below - it's a rather long interview.)
At this cath lab they do angiograms of the entire body from head to toe.  They deal with internal bleeding.  They noted this new type of clotting some time ago.  They have 30 minutes to respond to a call for a person in this critical condition - these people can't breath and are drowning on the inside.  They use tiny vacuums that go inside the arteries and veins and they suck out the clots.  They've always seen what people have called 'jelly clots' - his whole career.  This new white clot issue - looks like rubber bands or calamari - its strong and can't be broken - this phenomenon started in late 2021.  And they have pictures from 2022.
His colleagues - about 20 on staff - are nurses, anesthesiologists, vascular surgeons, radiologists, cardiologists have all witnessed this.  He pulls these out of the patients - and a physician will ask 'what is that?' - they've sent the clots to pathology.  The clots have changed since the "vaccine" roll out - anyone working in a cath lab should easily see these. 
This whistleblower admitted he is unvaccinated.  He noted others having odd symptoms after the Covid-19 vaccine so he decided not to get it.  But he was pressured to get this.  His position is important to this team so he wasn't fired for not getting this injection.  He noticed arterial and venous blood changes after the 'vaccine' came out.  When he was threatened about getting the vaccine - he though he'd loose his job - he said this changes 'speaking out' - but he said his conscious is bothered by what he's been seeing and not speaking up.  As the patients got younger and younger he decided to reach out and help anyone he can - so he contacted Dr. McMillan.
Why are there so many people unwilling to speak up?  He said if he's identified - it doesn't matter - this is life and death and hopefully his message will affect someone 'sitting on the fence' for deciding on getting the Covid-19 "vaccine" or not, and they will hear him and decide not to get it.
At about 16 minutes in the whitstleblower's pictures are shown.  One clot is coated in blood and looks like a 'normal' blood clot - but the whistleblower said it's covered in blood because the person was alive when it was pulled out.  He shows an angiogram of a lower leg - this angiogram shows about an 8 inch clot.
Dr. McMillan brought on Dr. Shankara Chetty from South Africa.  They thought these white fibrous clots occurred only after death.  In late 2021, these odd clots started showing up.  Dr. Chetty says these aren't typical clots - forming in the vessels themselves - these aren't actually clots - these have lots of collagen and fibrin.  There is a picture of about a foot and a half long clot in the veins going down into the legs.  Dr. Chetty thinks there needs to be more research with hydrogel - whatever is in these "vaccines" - the nanotechnology, etc.  Another picture of a clot in a windpipe  Big increase in numbers of these type of clots - use to get onc every couple of months - now it's every week.  The whistleblower tried to pull one of these clots apart and he could not. 
In 2021, no one paid much attention to these clots...but in 2022 the numbers increased - the pathology had changed - the jelly clots are still present but there is a fibrous material too embedded in the clot  - that's new.  These clots lay along side the blood vessel and may not block it totally.  Plaque concentrates where the damage to the vessel is.  These clots 'grow' along the length of the vessel - are these somehow involved with the nanotechnology in the 'vaccine'?
If the vaccumm doesn't work to pull out one of these clots, they use a basket - like a rake - that scrapes along the vessel walls - that is stuck on the walls.  Some of these new clots are mixed with the traditional clots and sometimes the entire clot removed is the white fibrous material.
The whistleblower looked at the Covid-19 vaccine records of his pateints - he has access to his patients' charts - he knows their vaccine status.  He knows how many vaccines they had, when they got them what type of vaccine - the more vaccines they've had the bigger the problem.  They've had patients with 8 vaccines and patients with 1 vaccine.  He said that in his lab, these are in 99% of the vaccinated.  He is seeing only these white fibrous clots now.  When a doctor knows there is a blood clot in a patient he immediately treats the patient - like with heparin and TPA, etc.  The normal clots dissolve and these people don't come to his lab.  The white clots are now the majority of what they see in his lab - they are seeing 3 to 10 a week.  In those with these white fibrous clots, 99% of these people are vaccinated.  Dr. Chetty thinks the technology in these vaccines is doing this.  He thinks there may be a blood type/group involved or an underlying predisposition.  This is a blood constituent.
The whistleblower also noticed - they put in port-a-cath in patients who are scheduled to receive chemotherapy - that over the last year cancer is on the rise and younger and younger patients are needing this port.  Many with late stage cancers and metastases.  He said cardiologists are noting heart rhythm changes also - even in other hospitals that he has contact with.  As young as 13.  This is highly unusual.
This is happening antemortem - this is extremely worrying. This is occurring in people without symptoms until the problem gets worse.  
Why aren't others reporting this?  Corruption is one reason.  When this gets 'closer to home', more and more will come out about this.  We absolutely need to know what is going on - this needs to be investigated.
Dr. McMillan is trying to get this information out there.  Hopefully others will speak up and more will come out about how these are forming in the blood.
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