Chance (3 Mar 2024)
"Part 2:  "Russia Was Right - New York Times Bombshell Report and Zelensky Seeking Peace With Russia"

Hello John and Doves,
This letter follows the letter "Russia War Right - New York Times Bombshell Report".
In that letter I asked why was this 'leaked' and why now?  And to add to the mystery of this - Zelensky was in Saudi Arabia meeting with the Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman to see if the Saudis can help work out a peace deal with Russia!!  Interesting that the U.S./West isn't involved in this peace deal.  And the CIA Director met with Zelensky days before he zipped off to Saudi Arabia.  Seems to be pointing out that this war with Russia has been a CIA run war from the beginning.
Many believe this NYT article was a CIA plant.  And some believe it was released to pressure Congress to pass more $$$ for Ukraine.  I.E. Without this money, the CIA bases are at risk.  But there is probably much more to this story....
Well, Congress didn't even know the CIA spy bases existed!  They didn't know what they were funding in this Ukraine war.
The CIA operation in Ukraine has been exposed.  Their spy-network in Ukraine is probably of no value to the CIA any more.  So why would they expose their covert operations in Ukraine while the war is on going?  Do they know that Ukraine is loosing badly?  Does the CIA think President Trump is going to be re- elected and he will follow up with questions and investigations about what the CIA has been doing there - and he'll expose the mess?  That this was a CIA run war?
It's been reported that the CIA Director William Burns has visited Ukraine 10 times since Russia invaded Ukraine.  His tenth visit was 'in secret' after the NYT article came out. This shows the high-level of involvement that the CIA has in Ukraine and in this war.  Remember that leaked phone call between Vice President Biden and Ukrainian President Poroshenko?  They discussed "what the then-vice president could and couldn't tell the incoming Trump administration.  This call happened on November 16, 2016, a week after Trump was elected president.  And Biden said, "he withheld some information regarding Ukraine from his counterparts in the Trump transition team."  "...Biden handled policy on Ukraine, Iraq, Afghanistan and China" during the Obama administration.
Biden hits Trump administration in leaked call with Poroshenko
VP Biden warned Poroshenko not to tell incoming President Trump all that was going on in Ukraine.  OAN (One America News) reported that VP Biden talked to Poroshenko about not asking Trump for more money - as this would cause President Trump to look into the details of what had been going on in Ukraine.  Biden said 'he did not want Trump to get "sophisticated enough" to understand what was going on in Ukraine, implying that the US funding was not going towards the stated purpose.  What was going on in Ukraine that Biden and Obama were so desperate to prevent Trump from figuring out?
Clandestine on X: "Now that the MSM admit the CIA had bases in Ukraine since 2014, letís revisit this infamous phone call. Two weeks after Trump was elected in 2016, then VP Biden called then Ukrainian President Poroshenko, nervous about Trump finding out where the money was going in Ukraine.Ö" / X
This NYT article sheds new light on the above conversation.  Maybe the NYT spilled the beans about what Obama and Biden didn't want Trump to know about. There were a lot of secrets about Ukraine and the CIA that President Trump was never made privy to.  He did not know about the secret CIA bases in Ukraine, or the Obama-era bioweapons labs funded by Hunter Biden's financial business Metabiota.  Now we know there was a lot of CIA infrastructure in Ukraine and that the CIA has assets in top government positions.  And this may explain why it's been so difficult to prosecute Hunter Biden for anything - child pornorgraphy on his laptops, his shady employment on the board of Barisma, his 'financial associations' with Ukraine, China, Russia, etc.  He's CIA protected.
After the CIA Directors secret 10th visit to Ukraine, Zelensky zipped off to Saudi Arabia to meet with the Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman to get his help with a peace deal with Russia.  And the Russians were in Saudi Arabia the day before Zelensky's meeting.  Coincidence?
Here's the odd timeline:
On February 22, "...CIA chief William Burns made his 10th secret visit to Ukraine since the start of Russia's full-scale invasion."
On February 25, the New York Times came out with the story CIA "secretly helps Ukraine fight Putin."  The CIA probably leaked this story.
On February 26, the Russian State Duma Speaker Volodin and delegates from Russia's lower house of parliament arrived in Saudi Arabia. 
Top Russian lawmaker, State Duma delegation arrive in Saudi Arabia - Russian Politics & Diplomacy - TASS
On February 27, Zelensky and his entourage arrived in Saudi Arabia holding talks "with the Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman in an attempt to push for an end to the invasion of Ukraine and the return of prisoners of war with Russia."  Zelensky said "Saudi Arabia's leadership can help find a just solution."
Interesting timeline for sure.  So did Burns tell Zelensky he better get a peace deal going with Russia.  Showing this war has been the CIA's war with Russia all along.  (And that's what the NYT article is about).  Is this because the Republican House is stalling on more money for Ukraine, for the CIA?  Or is this because it can't get much more obvious that Ukraine is loosing this war?  Or is this because the CIA believes President Trump could win the 2024 election?  The CIA's Ukrainian spy network has been exposed now so it's worthless.  (What other nefarious plots and plans does the CIA have for Ukraine?)
So Congress didn't know about these CIA spy bases in Ukraine, or the money going to fund these bases and operations; and the American people certainly didn't know about this - that this war with Russia was being run by the CIA in Ukraine.  And Biden when he was VP didn't want incoming President Trump to know about what was going on in Ukraine - and now there is the possibility of Trump becoming president again. Did this story backfire on the CIA or do they have some major 'butt covering' to do before President Trump is elected again so they are shutting down operations in Ukraine?  'Nothing to see here, move along.'
The Jerusalem Post covered this meeting with Zelensky and Crown Prince Salman.  The Prince is "positioning himself as a mediator" having recently met with the Russian chairman of Russia's lower parliamentary house, Vyacheslav Volodin."
Zelensky presented a "10-point peace formula that seeks the expulsion of all Russian forces from Ukraine and accountability for war crimes, as well as the return of prisoners of war and deportees."  Not much else has come out of this meeting.  But Putin will never agree to "accountability for war crimes"....but this is a start for ending this war.
Ukraine's Zelensky holds talks with Saudi prince to push for peace plan with Russia
The House/Johnson needs to hold firm on no more funding for Ukraine - since Zelensky is now wanting peace with Russia and is actively pursuing help with this from Saudi Arabia.  Any more money to Ukraine for the war would be a continued waste for the American people.
We shall see how the U.S. election goes - but I still think THEY will do something to prevent or stop the election from happening.  But it may not be a 'given' - especially if the CIA is bailing on Ukraine because Trump just might win....and I'm sure the CIA has repositioned itself in their war against Russia.
Pray for the peace of Jerusalem!