Chance (3 Mar 2024)
"Russia Was Right - New York Times Bombshell Report"

Hello John and Doves,
In this letter I wrote about the U.S. bioweapons labs in Ukraine and that this was one of the major reasons Putin/Russia invaded Ukraine, and now, the New York Times has reported on the role the CIA has played in this war with Russia - the CIA built and funded "12 Secret Spy Bases" in Ukraine - this was another major reason Putin invaded Ukraine. 
Finally - the truth is coming out!  And it's not looking good for 'whoever' or 'whatever' (the U.S. Military Industrial Complex) is running our country.    It puts Americans in the cross hairs!
This is, in part, what Americans have been funding in this war.
Also, since the House won't give Ukraine more money, the U.S. and other countries are looking at 'confiscating' the Russian assets (from the Russian Central Bank) blocked at the start of the invasion - some $285 billion held mostly in the E.U. to use to 'fund' Ukraine in the war against Russia.
Putin/Russia was vindicated when the U.S. finally admitted to the U.S. bioweapons labs on the border with Russia in Ukraine and now, in this BOMBSHELL story - that, obviously was purposefully leaked by the New York Times - that what Putin/Russia accused the U.S. of all along was TRUE!  The U.S. has been militarizing Ukraine against Russia.
The big question is - what will the Kremlin do with this newly leaked information.  And what will Putin think of using Russian money to attack Russians and Russian assets.  
The New York Times article is correct, "...the world just got a big step closer to WW3...".  Another big question is why was this 'leaked' by the NYT now?  Is someone pushing this war to the next level?  Direct conflict between the U.S. and Russia?
Interesting timing with the coming Total Solar Eclipse over the U.S. - being a harbinger of destruction and doom.
U.S. Bioweapons Labs in Ukraine:
Way back I wrote several Doves letters about the Ukraine War and numerous reasons why Russia invaded in the first place.  One big reason was the bioweapons labs that Russia knew about and then captured during the early days of the invasion.  President Zelensky was asked by Putin years ago to close these labs - Zelensky refused.  Then in the invasion, the Russians secured these labs, gathered the documents and other proof and presented what they had to the UN Security Council.  The US poo pooed all of this and called the Russians liars.  India and other countries backed Russia on this - the proof was overwhelming.  But the Americans didn't care.  Later U.S. officials admitted to Congress that these labs do/did exist. And we've since found out that Hunter Biden's financial company funded the building of these labs!  But the damage had been done to Russia's credibility.  
It's like China building bioweapons labs in Mexico along our southern border!  We would voice a complaint too at the U.N. Security Council meetings!!  Not under Biden, but under President Trump, I bet Trump would have invaded and taken out those labs too.  This would be a HUGE national security threat to Americans.  Just like President Kennedy stood up to the Russians in putting nukes in Cuba.
New York Times And CIA Spy Bases in Ukraine:
And now, the New York Times (February 26) "published an explosive and very belated full admission that US intelligence has not only been instrumental in Ukraine wartime decision-making, but has established and financed high tech command-and-control spy centers, and was doing so long prior to the Feb. 24 Russian invasion of two years ago."  Ukraine was turned into "Washington's most important intelligence partners against the Kremlin today."  
The CIA constructed "a network of 12 secret bases along the Russian border - work which began eight years ago.  These intelligence bases, from which Russian commanders' communications can be swept up and Russian spy satellites monitored, are being used to launch and track cross-border drone and missile attacks on Russian territory."
"This means that the disclosure of the longtime "closely guarded secret" the world just got a big step closer to WW3, given it means the CIA is largely responsible for the effectiveness of the recent spate of attacks which have included direct drone hits on key oil refineries and energy infrastructure." 
Is this out now, because "Kiev and Washington now want the world to know...that the US is fighting hand in glove with the Ukrainians?  Putin already knew this - but it's out in the open now.
This NYT report is confirmation of "what President Putin has precisely accused Washington of all along."
This report described a secret underground CIA command center.  "The base is almost fully financed, and partly equipped, by the CIA."
Also, the CIA "set up a training program for elite Ukrainian operatives" - Unit 2245.  These operatives "captured Russian drones and communications gear so that the CIA technicians could reverse-engineer them and crack Moscow's encryption systems."
And the CIA "helped train a new generation of Ukrainian spies who operated inside Russia, across Europe, and in Cuba and other places where the Russians have a large presence."
"Ukraine has been a massive "intelligence gathering hub" for Washington and its partners."
The NYT report noted that "Putin has repeatedly blamed the US-NATO for expanding its military and intelligence infrastructure into Ukraine.  Not only had this precisely been going on for the past decade, as is now being admitted (this started during Obama's presidency) but we presented as a KEY CAUSE OF THE RUSSIAN INVASION ON FEBRUARY 24, 2022.  Putin and hit officials were adamant on the eve of the invasion that NATO was militarizing Ukraine."
The report further states that near the end of 2022, Putin was trying to decide on when to launch his full scale invasion "when he met with the head of Russia's main spy services, who told him that the CIA, together with Britain's M16, were controlling Ukraine and turning it into a beachhead for operations against Moscow."
Also, the NYT reports states that with the help and financing of the CIA, "the Ukrainians were now able to hack into Russian military networks."  Communications equipment and computer servers could break into satellites and decode secret conversations....and "they were hacking into spy satellites from China and Belarus.."
And according to the report, this went on behind President Trump's back...
So, "the idea that the CIA has been deeply involved in Ukraine for over a decade waging a secret war against Russia is NO LONGER A CONSPIRACY THEORY.  "The report then emphasizes, "But whatever Trump said and did, his administration often went in the other direction.  This is because Trump had put Russia hawks in key positions, including Mike Pompeo as CIA director and John Bolton as national security adviser."  "And further, "The visited Kyiv to underline their full support for the secret partnership, which expanded to include more specialized training programs and the building of additional secret bases."
"Given the attempt to place Trump in a negative light (he had to be 'tiptoed around'...) it will be interesting to see how he (Trump) and his campaign respond to the report.  But more consequential will be the reaction of Putin and the Kremlin in the coming days."
Bombshell Report: CIA Built "12 Secret Spy Bases" in Ukraine and Waged Shadow War for Last Decade - 🔔 The Liberty Daily
This report was purposefully put out by the New York Times - a democrat, anti-Trump, anti-MAGA mouthpiece. Why at this time?  Why NOW?
President Dwight D. Eisenhower warned the American people of the growing power of the U.S. military industrial complex.  And now this 'complex' has become extremely powerful.  And has to be constantly 'fed' by the American people.  Thus the constant 'more and more' money for Ukraine.  
Financing the Ukraine War with Russian Assets:
So, if Congress, isn't going to give more money to Ukraine - who will?  "Canada and the United States agree on the urgent need to move forward with confiscating frozen Russian sovereign assets to help Ukraine...Freeland (Canada's Finance Minister) and U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen will meet this week with G7 and G20 counterparts in Brazil.  Earlier on Tuesday, Yellen said unlocking the frozen assets was "necessary and urgent".
Freeland said, "We need to, now more than ever, show Putin that we are serious, that we are not flagging in our support for Ukraine..The work on the assets of the Russian Central Bank..would show that we quite literally have the assets to endure and keep on going."
"The issue has grown in importance since $61 billion in further U.S aid to Ukraine has been blocked by the Republican-leg U.S. House of Representatives."  It's been noted that "some countries had concerns about confiscating some $285 billion in Russian assets immobilized in 2022."  Two-thirds of this money is in the E.U..
And the West has previously announced that Ukraine WILL become a NATO some point.
NATO Agrees Ukraine Will Become a Member
The timing of this information is interesting...why now?  This information only solidifies those countries who have suspicions of U.S. actions and intentions in Ukraine and against Russia; and pushes them more into siding with Russia on the Ukraine war. 
I know that Russia has their own spy agencies..Russian cartels are in Mexico.  And Russia has their own bioweapons labs creating god knows what to use on us.  But these articles show that the U.S. is a liar, a bully and the aggressor in this Ukraine-Russia war. And the American people have been deceived, lied to, and made to fund the take over of another country (Ukraine) to militarize it and use it's people as proxies to die in a U.S./West war.  This will not bode well for America.
Judgment is coming.
Pray for the peace of Jerusalem!