Chance (24 Mar 2024)
""The Day of the Prophetic Red Heifer Is Almost Here""

Hello John and Doves,
I've seen this talked about before - that part of the reason for the October 7 attack on Israel by Hamas was to stop the Red Heifer sacrifice and the building of a Jewish Temple.  I think it was Caroline Glick who reported that the Hamas/Palestinians were too drugged up on Meth to accomplish all of their set goals - one was to get to certain military bases and attack the IDF.  They got bogged down in their slaughtering.
The military wing of the Palestinian Hamas terrorist organization "made a televised appearance".  He talked about the motives for the Hamas attack on Israel.   He said, "the bringing of red cows as an application of a detestable religious myth designed for aggression against the feelings of an entire nation in the heart of its Arab identity, and the path of its prophet and Ascension to heaven."  The October 7 attack is "the Al Aqsa floor".
He is rallying the Muslims to "rise to support their Aqsa and the path of their prophet, which the criminal Zionists are practically advancing towards destroying and establishing their temple.  This is what we have chosen with out blood in Gaza for 100 days and for which the epic of October 7 was about."  He called Israelis "Nazis" and "calls on every Muslim on the face of the earth to join the war."
He noted that "five red female calves were brought to Israel in September 2022.  After the announcement of the arrival of the cows, Hamas reacted almost immediately, warning that the potential Jewish ritual posed a threat to Al Aqsa and they have been preparing to respond ever since."
These calves came from a ranch in Texas.  "A team of rabbis from the Temple Institute flew out to inspect the calves last year.  The requirements are incredibly demanding, requiring that there be no more than two non-red hairs on the entire calf.  It must also never have been used for any labor or have been impregnated.  The heifers must be two years and one day old to be suitable for the ceremony.  Sometimes a calf that is perfectly red when it is young develops black or white hairs as it grows older or may develop a blemish....Certifying the calf requires a complete and intensive inspection in which a rabbi knowledgeable in the laws goes over the entire calf with a magnifying glass."
Hamas Spokesman: Oct 7 Attack Launched To Stop The Red Heifers & Jewish Temple
So the Muslims have been watching since the announcement of these red heifers.  They believe that these will move the Jewish people to build their Temple.
"Many people are unaware of the significance of the red heifer in both Judaism and Christianity.  This symbol of purification is deeply rooted in Scripture, including in the book of Numbers (19:2-10) where God instructs Moses and Aaron about the ritual purification involving the red heifer."
A Texas farmer, Byron Stinson, and Rabbi Ytshak Mamo of the Temple Institute in Jerusalem spoke at the 2024 National Gathering of Prayer and Repentance in Washington, D.C. 2024 - they talked about the "importance of the red heifer and the ceremony that must take place for ritual sacrifice and worship to resume in the eventual Third Temple."  

The rabbi explained that "the heifer must be in it's third year of life to be used in the ceremony, and that time is swiftly drawing near."  "If there is any (mathematicians) here, so you can understand that we are very close to the third year of these cows, reveals Mamo.  "Which means that with the help of God, we will get permission from God and from the people to make the ceremony.  And then we can be pure."  
"The ashes of the red heifer are used as a unique purifying agent demanded by the Lord, essential for cleansing those who had come into contact with death.  In Judaism, the red heifer's ashes played a crucial role int he process of ritual purity, particularly for those involved in Temple service.  The rarity of finding a red heifer without blemish added to its mystique and the meticiulous observance of the prescribed rituals surrounding its sacrifice."
"Although not as explicitly emphasized in the New Testament, the red heifer service as a symbolic link between the Old and New Covenants, reflecting themes of purification, sacrifice, and spiritual cleansing in both religious traditions."
"The spokesman for the military wing of Hamas, Abu Obeida, revealed that the red heifers were targets in the Oct 7 massacre..."
"The entire process of establishing the Third Temple, and the Holy of Holies where the ceremony of the red heifer must take place in front of, is an international diplomatic level perhaps never seen before."

The Day of the Prophetic Red Heifer Is Almost Here
This letter is about the three threats facing the Al Aqsa Mosque, one being the red heifer ceremony.  The Al Quds International Institution believes that the red heifer ceremony will occur on April 10, 2024.  There is a Shabbat of the Red Heifer on March 29/30.  If those cows are three years old - time is limited for this ceremony.
Three threats facing Al-Aqsa Mosque in Ramadan and More Dates to Watch
The altar for this ceremony has already been built in Jerusalem.
Dom Lucre | Breaker of Narratives on X: "🔥🚨BREAKING NEWS: A "massive" Sacrificial Altar has been built in Jerusalem to sacrifice Red Heifers to usher in the third Temple of Solomon. This sacrifice will take place between March and April. It is rumored that the Al-Aqsa Mosque has to be destroyed to build this temple." / X

These red heifers have been hidden in a secure location in the Israeli West Bank.  "Some Jews and Christians believe they're key to rebuilding the Jewish temple that once stood in Jerusalem, and to beckoning the Messiah."  Some people are saying that the Al Aqsa Mosque and the Dome of the Rock need to be "relocated".  Others say they need to be destroyed so the Third Temple can be rebuilt.
None of this is setting well with Muslims. They see this upcoming ceremony as a threat to their mosques and their prophet Mohammed.
The Imam at the Al Aqsa Mosque said that "removing the Al-Aqsa or the Dome of the Rock was "unimaginable" and warned that it would be "opening a Pandora's box that nobody can close."
"Many American evangelicals believe the red heifers will usher the second coming of Christ."
Yitshak Mamo of Uvne Jerusalem (a "group committed to seeing a new temple built in Jerusalem's Old City") said "the heifers need only pass a final purity test.  The ceremony that he hopes will resurrect the temple and usher in the Messiah could take place any day.  He said he understands why Hamas could be outraged."
"Everyone says that the building, the Third Temple, is what will bring the war, it would destabilize the Middle East,  The Middle East seems pretty destabilized right now, and the war, if I"m not mistaken is already here," said the Jewish activist Melissa Jane Kronfeld.  She said, "There's one true God, and it started here...where the First Temple, or the Temple of Solomon was built in 957 BCE.  The Second Temple, or Temple of Herod, was a reconstructed version of the first, built in the 6th century BCE, according to scripture."

What these red cows from Texas have to do with war and peace in the Middle East - CBS News
Will this ceremony be the spark, or last straw, that sets the Middle East on fire?  They said this ceremony can happen any time - once they have God's permission (I don't know how they will know that).
Interesting timing along with everything else that's going on!  The Gaza War, the upcoming total solar eclipse and Devil Comet...signs in the Heavens.
Pray for the peace of Jerusalem!