Chance (10 Mar 2024)
"The Year of Esther and the Lunar/Solar Eclipses"

Hello John and Doves,
This is an interesting YouTube video about the coming lunar and solar eclipses this year, 2024, and how they parallel the lunar and solar eclipses when Esther was queen, 479 BC. Making this year, the 'year of Esther'.  Also, he talks about "escape" and "snare" like what John wrote about in his "Escape the Snare" letter.  And he talks about the dragon - and John had a letter "Escape the DRAGON".
I believe that when certain things are brought up over and over in various letters that the Holy Spirit wants to get our attention, because not every letter is read by every Dove - so various authors will 'rewrite' about certain topics.  So those that are suppose to 'get' that message will.
He also talks about Saturn (Haman) and Venus (the Jews) is in conjunction on the 13th day of Adar II (March 22) and in Esther 3:13 all the Jews were to be annihilated on the 13th day.
The new moon for Ramadan is a super new moon and Adar II starts then too.   
This channel on YouTube is Supernatural By Design; he talks about the story of Esther.  They found that the eclipse dates of 2024 match the eclipses when Esther was queen in 479 BC.  (he's not using the torah calendar)
*THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING* The Purim Eclipse Will Be Huge - YouTube
run time 17:40
Partial lunar eclipse on Mar 25, 2024 (Purim, on a full moon)
Total solar eclipse on April 8, 2024
Partial lunar eclipse on Sep 18, 2024
Annual solar eclipse on Oct 2, 2024
These all occur in the constellations Virgo (associated with Esther) and Pisces (associated with Haman).
Partial lunar eclipse on Mar 25, 479
Total solar eclipse on April 9, 479
Partial lunar eclipse on Sept 18, 479
Annular solar eclipse on Oct 2, 479
This shows 2024 is the year of Esther.
The total solar eclipse on April 8 is 1 Nisan - and occurs in the constellation Pisces.
The New Moon on 3/10/24 in Pisces (Ramadan starts with sighting the new moon); two weeks later on 3/25/24 is the full moon penumbral lunar eclipse on Purim (Esther's eclipse); then two weeks later on 4/8/24 is the new moon total solar eclipse on 1 Nisan (start of the Hebrew religious calendar).  This goes from new moon to full moon to new moon.
He believes that something will happen on March 25, 2024, Sunday.  This is Purim plus 1 day.  The eclipse extends into March 25.  He gives his reasons why in the video.
The entire celestial season of 2024 is tied to Esther.  Is there a connection of Psalm 124 to Esther 2024?  Yes!  Psalm 124 is sung at Purim.  He read Psalm 124.
And it's interesting to note - that this is covered by John in his letter on 26, Jan, 2024: "Escaping the Snare".  John wrote about Psalm 124: 7 - "the hidden prophecy in this psalm, pointing to the year 2024!"  And he pointed out that 124 added to 602 as this is the 602nd chapter of the Bible = 726 and Strong's Greek number G726 is "harpazo".  And in this verse, "the word "natsal" appears in an equidistant letter sequence (ELS) Bible code."  (Natsal - "snatch away")
"Our soul is escaped as a bird out of the snare or the fowlers:  the snare is broken and we are escaped."
Escaping the SNARE
In the video he goes on and talks about "Esther Leap Year and Year of the Dragon" and I Pet Goat II and Adar II - and John wrote his letter on 7 Feb, 2024 "Escaping the DRAGON"
Escaping the DRAGON
He says to watch for something significant to happen in this 5 day window from the 21st (13th of Adar) to the 26th (Purim eclipse plus the 1 day).  He thinks something profound is about to happen.
"The story of Esther is the perfect model of end time events."  Beginning with the Rapture, the time of Jacobs trouble and the return of Jesus Christ.    The Iranian leader Ali Khamenei was born on an eclipse and Benjamin Netanyahu was born on an eclipse.  Khameinei has Haman in his name and Mordecai was a Benjamite.  And Netanyahu was born in the middle of tetrad blood moons.
He certainly points out a lot of interesting celestial signs.   More dates to keep an eye on.
Pray for the peace of Jerusalem!