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"Watch the Temple Mount - Will A Spark Start in Jerusalem?"

Hello John and Doves,
Will this be the spark that sets things off in Jerusalem?  That ignites the Middle East?
The political leader of Hamas has called on Palestinians to march to the Al-Aqsa Mosque on the first day of Ramadan.  Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh said, "This is a call to our people in Jerusalem and the West Bank to march to Al-Aqsa on the first day of Ramadan."
Israel-Hamas war: Haniyeh calls for Ramadan march to Al-Aqsa – DW – 02/28/2024
This was put out when the Palestinians thought there would be restrictions on access to their mosques.  The Israeli government has since then said there will be no restrictions for access - any Muslim can go to pray there.  
But because of the on-going war in Gaza, will the Palestinians still march on the Temple Mount in mass?  Are they already preparing the Temple Mount for attacks on Jews? 
Last year Palesitnians threw stones 
As of today, March 8, there is still no cease-fire between Israel and Hamas.
I heard on FOX news that the reason Biden was late for the SOTU was because protesters blocked his route to the Capitol and he had to take a detour. The protesters are calling for a cease-fire in Gaza.
Protesters Demanding Gaza Cease-Fire Blocked Biden’s Route To Capitol Ahead Of SOTU
There is a lot of pressure being put on Biden for a cease-fire - by pro-Palestinian/Hamas groups and the pro-Palestinian/anti-America progressive lawmakers, like Cori Bush and Rashida Tlaib.  And during his SOTU Biden talked about a two-state solution and ordering our military to build a port in Gaza for humanitarian aid.  More tax payer money because the Biden administration won't sanction Hamas or the Palestinians for their attacks on Israel, for their assaults on Israelis and holding/torturing captive Americans and Israelis.  For Hamas not releasing the hostages.  The Biden admin won't hold Hamas accountable for their keeping this a humanitarian disaster in their own neighborhoods!!
Ramadan will begin with the sighting of the new moon - In Jerusalem, the new moon is March 10 at 11:00 AM - so the sighting may not be until March 11?  So Ramadan will begin when the crescent moon is sighted.  
The Palestinians/Muslims may still heed the call of Hamas to go in mass to their mosques on the Temple Mount and 'protest' the war in Gaza.  
"Fears are growing that clashes during the Islamic holiday could ignite the region."  Cease-fire talks have stalled....doesn't look like much hope now before Ramadan.
"We are afraid of getting to the point of no return, where the level of escalation would reach an all-out war in the region," said Majed al-Ansari, a foreign-policy advisor to the Qatari prime minister, speaking about the need for a cease-fire by Ramadan.  His urgency was echoed by the U.S. President Joe Biden, who warned of a "very, very dangerous" situation if an agreement wasn't struck by Ramadan."
Why Ramadan Matters in the Israel-Hamas War

Why Ramadan Matters in the Israel-Hamas War
Hamas and others (like Iran) would like nothing more than there to be major internal strife in Jerusalem, within Israel.  Setting off a spark on the Temple Mount and then escalating across the region.
In the following video we are told about the violent history of Ramadan, how Israel is prepared, and Iran is fueling Al-Aqsa tensions:
Almost every year the Muslims are told that 'the Al Aqsa mosque is in danger' just to rile them up - and then Jewish people are injured - usually with stone throwing from the Temple Mount.  This lie has been used every Ramadan to create anger in Muslims towards Jews.  "This year the violence might be much worse.  Hamas is expected to increase its efforts to set fire to the territories of Judah and Sumeria and East Jerusalem during Ramadan.  They are believed to have the expectations that they can expand the circles of activity and promote popular terror including random attacks by ordinary Palestinians against ordinary Israelis.  But Israel will do almost anything to put out the fire that Hamas threatens to ignite on the Temple Mount.  Jewish visitors to the Temple Mount will probably be limited to part of the month of Ramadan only."  So far, during the current war, the Israeli government has managed to keep Jerusalem out of the cycle of violence and terrorism.  With less success in the territories of Judah and Sumeria - this could all change and the situation could rapidly deteriorate at any time.  Iran's regime wants to pour gasoline on the fire of this conflict between Palestinians and Israelis.  Iran wants to fly the Iranian flag over al-Aqsa.  They announced that with god's help they will all pray at the al-Aqsa mosque soon.
We are asked to pray that the Iranian plan will not succeed.  And pray for the peace of Jerusalem.
Israel BRACES for Ramadan Violence; Iran FUELING Al-Aqsa Tensions | TBN Israel - YouTube
run time 15:17
Watch Jerusalem.  This is a very dangerous time - taking us from the start of Ramadan this coming week through their 30 day month to the April 8 total solar eclipse omen.
Pray for the peace of Jerusalem!