Chance (10 Mar 2024)
"How China Is Waging A Secret War on American Soil"

Hello John and Doves,
Here is an excellent video on "Glenn Beck" Youtube channel.   It covers the CCP tentacles in the U.S., their fentanyl agenda, their transgender agenda, their influence/control over Hollywood movies, their TikTok trojan horse weapon, their control over Biden, Schiff, McConnell and others in Congress - their war on the U.S. by rotting it from within. 
And I wrote a bit more about Obama's movies "Leave the World Behind" and "The Factory" - something definitely stinks.
China is the major enemy of the U.S. - not Russia.
Beck explains the threats from China.  And his guest Peter Schweizer, author of several books exposing China/CCP, talks about these threats too.
Our leaders and MSM are obsessed with the wrong enemy - Russia.  Is this on purpose? The answer is a resounding absolutely!
Every day China is exploiting America's vulnerabilities.
The Chinese spy balloon was spotted by a U.S. citizen and it was allowed to navigate across the U.S. major cities and military bases before finally shot down off the coast of S. Carolina.  This balloon used a U.S. internet provider to navigate and send info back to China.  Why was this allowed over military nuclear bases?  There have been 14 incidences of Chinese nationals trying to get into Pearl Harbor.  Including flying drones and taking pictures.  There have been some 100 incidents of Chinese national tourists trying to access American military bases in the U.S. and with the open border it is very easy to move Chinese spies across the border.  
133,000 Chinese nationals have been encountered at the U.S. border since Biden was elected.  Some 30,000 Chinese nationals have crossed the border since October.  There are now more Chinese crossing the border in San Diego than Mexicans. 
Last week 4 Chinese nationals were arrested for trying to enter Maine from Canada.  In 2023, it was discovered/reported that there were some 270 Chinese illegal marijuana grow operations in Maine worth $4.36 billion.  This is happening all over the U.S.  And the money is sent back to China.
In San Francisco, a law was passed to allow non-citizens to serve on state government boards.  A Chinese woman was appointed to the San Francisco city's election board!  She can't legally vote but is now in charge of supervising the elections.  She works for a left wing organization - the Chinese Affirmative Action.
Last year the Chinese military hacked into two dozen U.S. power and water utilities and communication and transportation systems.  They hacked a water utility in Hawaii, a major West Coast port and at least one oil and gas pipeline.  And attempted to hack into Texas' power grid - this operates separately from the rest of the country's electric grid.
In 2020, the Biden admin shut down the Trump China Initiative in the DOJ - to prosecute economic espionage and stop the stealing of intellectual property by Chinese agents. Glenn asked, Why shut this down?  The reason given was, this allowed the FBI to unfairly target Asians.  China is flooding the US with a wide spectrum of attacks that blends in with our own chaos.
When President Xi visited San Francisco last year, the city cleaned up the streets - no homeless, no syringes, no feces, and lined the streets with Chinese flags.  (Like China owned San Francisco.)
At about 11 minutes, Beck welcomed Peter Schweizer - he has written several books about our enemy China who is 'already waging war against the U.S.'
The ancient Chinese strategist said, 'The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without any fighting.'
Biden is the most corrupt politician in American history.
Things are going on now are literally going to get us all killed.
Unrestricted warfare came out of a PLA book that says warfare has no rules - anything is on the table - drug warfare, environmental warfare.  Disintegration warfare is 'we'll defeat the U.S. without actually pretending like we are at war with the U.S'.  Disintegration of the U.S. - like rotting it from within.  The Chinese are using subversion to kill Americans, divide Americans, sow chaos in our streets - we'll turn on each other and sap our strength.
(Reminded me of the movie "Leave the World Behind" - Obama's movie.")
Like the Opium Wars, where the British pushed opium into China to get as many people  hooked as possible.  Some 25% of the Chinese were hooked when China bowed to the British. (Glenn asked, What is the % of Americans addicted to drugs?)  This is what China is now doing to the U.S.
The drug cartels are the junior partners.  The Chinese are in control of this.  This is intentional.  There are CCP leaders involved in the fentanyl trade.
We have gotten much information from leaked documents and Chinese military journals.  Every link in the chain is controlled by China.  The precursors for fentanyl production come from China.  90% of the precursors (the ingredients to make these drugs) enter at the Port of Manzanillo, Mexico.  These are then sent to a town in northern Mexico (this is per DHS information) - some 2,000 Chinese nationals live there.  These Chinese then make the fentanyl.  They take the fentanyl and put it into 'fake' pills - like Vicodin and Adderall.  They need a pill press and a mold so it actually looks like the read pill. China provides these pill molds to the drug cartels in Mexico.  According to DHS these pill molds are provided at no cost to the cartels.  These pills are laced with fentanyl and then they use Chinese communication devices to get these into the U.S. to avoid U.S. law enforcement.  With all this drug money, the money laundering is done with Chinese state owned banks and they often use Chinese students in the U.S. on U.S. visas to do this.
This is a Chinese operation from start to finish with the cartels as the junior partners.
(Adding: "In 2023, DEA seized more than 79.5 million fentanyl-laced fake pills and nearly 12,000 pounds of fentanyl powder.  The 2023 seizures are equivalent to more than 376.7 million lethal doses of fentanyl."   
"The 2024 fentanyl seizures represent over 79.6 million deadly doses."  So far this year, 20,900,000+ pills of fentanyl have been seized.  And 1,440+ pounds of fentanyl powder have been seized.  And it's only early March!!!  2 mg of fentanyl equals a lethal dose.)  This is part of the Chinese war with the U.S.)
One Pill Can Kill |
Glenn asked, Is Biden connected to these Chinese companies?  There is "one degree of separation" from the Biden crime family and the drug trade, the fentanyl trade.  The Sinaloa Cartel is the most powerful cartel in Mexico - they are the kings of fentanyl.  They were set up in the fentanyl trade by a Chinese gang called UBG - headed by "White Wolf".  And in Peter's book -  $5 million dollars was given to the Biden's by "White Wolf"
‘Blood Money’: The Biden Family Bagged $5M from Business Partner of ‘White Wolf’ Chinese Criminal Gang Leader Who Helped Create the Fentanyl Pipeline Decimating America – DNyuz
White Wolf set up the Sinaloa Cartel with fentanyl to bring into the U.S.- Biden does not want to do anything about the fentanyl problem in the U.S. and refuses to close the border.  And this is way bigger than Biden - so many more 'traitors' in the U.S. government are involved in this blood money.
The Chinese are also smuggling in what's called a 'glock switch' - it converts a normal glock handgun into a fully automatic machine gun.  They started smuggling these into the U.S. in 2018 according to ATF and selling to the criminal gangs and others in the U.S.  Nobody is pointing to the Chinese.  THEY are after gun owning rights for law abiding citizens.
They mentioned the Chinese "United Front" - a coalition of the CCP and the Nationalist Party - this 'front' is a tool to advance Chinese influence, power and gain access to technology outside of China.  This involves groups and individuals helping China get control, influence and advance CCP interests.  These people fund protests in U.S. streets - like the violent riots in 2020.
As for the transgender agenda - two of the biggest funders for this in the U.S. are Chinese based billionaires.  The People's Forum and Alibaba - tens of millions of dollars have been poured into the transgender agenda.  They push these 'rights' in America, but not in China.  This isn't acceptable in China.  China doesn't even allow 'effeminate' characters on Chinese TV.  This is a form of warfare on the U.S.
Cognitive warfare - it is believed that whoever controls the mind will win the next war.  The Chinese are optimistic that TikTok is the trojan horse that will pierce the U.S.  Glenn asked, 'Why are we so stupid'?  There is some stupidity and also, there are a lot of people in the U.S. that are being paid large sums of money - to promote TikTok and ByteDance.  There are about a dozen former U.S. Senators and Congressmen - they have a plan and are enacting a plan.  This tool works by tearing down young people's views of their country's histories, and tearing down national symbols, replace their values and appeal to their emotions.  These people are now convinced they aren't being manipulated, but are now manipulative in the CCP hands. TikTok is a super highway to America's young people.  ByteDance is the parent company of TikTok and ByteDance also does movies.  ByteDance is manipulating people with online data.  Donald Trump tried to force the sell of TikTok - Biden backed away from this.  He'll loose a lot of money.
There is so much money being made from TikTok and ByteDance in D.C.  TikTok gathers information from users - all your contacts, knows all your apps, what apps you have opened, they can track you, the Chinese see what you are watching and can present more such videos.  In Sweden TikTok created a national panic of young people with TikTok videos of 'Russia to invade Sweden' - the CCP did that.
In China, the young people get science, art, culture, engineering, etc. on their parallel app to TikTok - in the U.S. they give our young people propaganda - anti-American, to create anxiety, division, social unrest, etc..
China has had their hooks in Hollywood for a long time.  Now China is adding things into movies - for pro-CCP.  Movie companies have Chinese connections via funding and then have Chinese propaganda put in the movies.  Like the Martian movie with Matt Damon - he got rescued via advanced Chinese technology.  The Chinese co-financed this movie and the Chinese wanted this in there.  Transformers is the same thing.  Kung Fu Panda 3 has Chinese financing and the script was changed for CCP ideals.  This is happening with video games (many are owned by China). 
Adam Schiff, Mitch McConnell, Gavin Newsome - all tied to CCP  (Reminded me, again, of the movie "Leave the World Behind" - flyers were dropped over the west coast written in Chinese - made me think about Newsome making a deal with China to turn California over to the CCP.)  Adam Schiff has taken money from organized Chinese crime - he will not call out China on the fentanyl problem.  Biden won't call them out - he's being paid off.
Our politicians getting in bed with the CCP and doing all of the above is MORE THAN CRIMINAL.  Pay offs are being done on both sides of the aisle.  McConnell's wife's family is big in Chinese shipping - if McConnell says anything negative about China - the CCP could destroy his wife's family business. 
Glenn asked, Where do we start to take this apart?  Our leaders are choosing not to look - most are getting paid.  The Biden impeachment should happen.  It would be a strong message to Xi.  We shouldn't allow ByteDance to hire lobbyists - end that.  Russia is a threat, but a declining threat.  And China is an ascending threat and they really do want to destroy us.
This is video about an hour long - worth the listen, if you can.
In my notes I noted a couple of places that what the Chinese are doing in the U.S. reminded me of the Obama produced movie - "Leave the World Behind". In one part of the movie, the people are told that flyers over the west coast were written in Chinese - making people believe the Chinese were behind the cyberattacks in the U.S.  The east coast got the Arabic flyers.  No one knew who was doing what.
Obama didn't just produce this film, he was intimately involved in it - "Obama's contributions helped bring the apocalyptic tension and realism to life", he brought 'race relations' and 'class tensions' into the film; he "provided valuable and detailed notes on the script"; he helped make this work of fiction as "lifelike as possible"; he "provided notes on the characters and the empathy the film should possess when portraying them, as well as when certain plot points were too bare or unlikely"; and "Obama utilized his White House experience to fine-tune some of the technological disaster parts of the movie."
Barack Obama's Leave The World Behind Role Explained: How The Former President Influenced Netflix's New Movie
And I wonder, how much influence did the CCP, through Obama, have on the making of this movie?  Another movie - this time a documentary, "The American Factory" was also produced by Higher Ground Productions (2019) - the Obama production company - it's about a U.S. factory that goes bellyup and is later bought by the Chinese.  The factory Chairman, Cao Dewang, and the workers from China "are eager to show that a Chinese factory can prosper in the United States - or perhaps, in their view, to show the United States how a factory should be run." American workers at first are glad to have jobs.....
‘American Factory’ review: Made in America (by the Chinese) | America Magazine
I looked for reviews on this movie and found this in The Guardian:  "..the workforce realised that to show their gratitude they were expected to conform to the Chinese culture of regimentation and submission, uncomplainingly working six or seven-day weeks, pushing up productivity at all costs and declining to make a fuss about decadent and lazy American indulgences such as lunch breaks and safety precautions.  The management's main concern was to crush any hint of a union.  In the film, the Chinese management has to 'deal' with the "exotic US workforce" and calmly notes that "..we are better than them." 
American Factory review – a sobering documentary by the Obamas | Documentary films | The Guardian
What could possibly be the motive for Obama to produce this movie and during Trump's presidency?  What a bizarre topic - to an American.  The Chinese absolutely loathed Trump as the U.S. president.  President Trump was tough on trade with China.  Why in the world would such a movie be made in the U.S.?  Given it was produced by Obama - that answer should be obvious.  Now that I'm more aware of CCP influence in U.S. movies - I'll be on the look out for their evil propaganda. 
Again, I am reminded of Pastor Dana's dream - about the sell out of our government leaders/politicians/lawmakers to the CCP
(415) The Hail To The Chief Dream - Dana Coverstone - YouTube
Obama's "The Factory" shows Americans what is waiting for them when the CCP/China takes over the U.S.
Obama, Biden, many, many members of the U.S. Congress, etc. are traitors to the country.
The country is full of traitors.  And, as Peter Schweizer pointed out, it's more than just money that motivates some of these people.
Pray for the peace of Jerusalem!