Chance (10 Mar 2024)
"$1 Trillion in Debt Added Every 100 Days!"

Hello John and Doves,
The U.S. government "is taking out around $1 trillion of debt every 100 days" per Bank of America.  This is unsustainable - the country is operating on fumes - borrowed money.
"Bets hedging against the impact of America's growing debt pile are ramping up, according to Bank of America."  
"The government also looks to be spending more than ever on its military budget."  
This debt increase affects the purchase by other countries of U.S. government bonds.  No one wants to buy U.S. debt.
"Over the next five years, the US could soon be spending more on DEBT INTEREST PAYMENTS than it does on defense...making it the second-largest burden on the budget."
It didn't help having Biden and other war mongers digging into our empty coffers for tens of billions for Ukraine/CIA/paybacks/money laundering.  (The government should never had been allowed to raid the Social Security savings either!)
"The US now risks a partial government shutdown in March if agreements aren't reached, and event economists have warned this could be devastating to the economy."
The 'debt debasement' trade is ramping up as the US adds $1 trillion to the national debt every 100 days, Bank of America says
Of course, they'll patch up a bill to keep the government running.  But THEY refuse to cut the fat, especially the Democrats and their special interest additions to bills - hiding them in thousands of pages that no one has time to read.  'You have to pass it to know what's in it."  
There are a lot of things Biden could do to cut government spending, help Americans with utility costs, food prices, gasoline prices, etc. and to increase exports - like with natural gas, oil, gasoline, etc. - but, as a puppet, he has to do what his handlers say.  That would, in a big part, be China.  China wants the U.S. to crash and burn.  To show how tight Biden and the DNC are with the CCP - TikTok is now on all Biden campaign computers and phones - so the CCP can directly eavesdrop on their campaign.  The CCP has a vested interest in the 2024 election.  Getting rid of Biden et al - would greatly decrease the CCP choke hold on America.  Especially if President Trump takes the presidency.  IF that is in God's will.
I doubt we'll ever get to the election or if we do, something will happen...something bad.
Pray for the peace of Jerusalem!