Chance (10 Mar 2024)
"No Ceasefire Yet Ahead of Ramadan and All Muslims Allowed on the Esplanade of Mosques of Jerusalem"

Hello John and Doves,
Here's more news that came out on March 5, 2024 - 1) there is still no ceasefire deal between Israel and Hamas/Palestinians, 2) the Israeli govt is allowing all Muslims access to the Temple Mount during Ramadan; no age restrictions and 3) the negotiations are ongoing in Cairo - without Israel.  This is a very dangerous time for Israel.  A very dangerous time for Israel.
The pointless cease-fire negotiations between Israel and Hamas are dead in the water.  Like that's a surprise!  The pathetic deal for Israel that the U.S., Qatar and Egypt worked out was for 'up to 40 Israeli's released'  (out of a presumed 100 still alive) in return for a 6 week ceasefire so humanitarian aid could get in to Gaza, plus the release a large number of Palestinian prisoners, including some militants in prison for life.  So ball was placed in Hamas' court.
Hamas responded with their own Israeli to-do list: the Israeli offensive is to cease, IDF withdraw from Gaza, the return of Palestinians to their homes in Gaza, a long-term cease fire and release of the Palestinian prisoners.
The hope was for a 'deal' before Ramadan which could begin about March 10 - depending on the sighting of the crescent moon.
Gaza cease-fire negotiations end without breakthrough with Ramadan days away | Fox News
What a joke of negotiations for Israel!  The U.S. needs to butt out!   Hamas didn't have to do anything but release 'up to 40' hostages.  They didn't have to cease lobbing rockets over on to Israel.  Or cease their other attacks on Israel.  Or clean up their charter. Or stop saying "from the river to the sea".  Or turn over the Hamas members that went in to massacre Israelis on October 7.  Or to compensate Israeli families.  Nope.  Just release 'up to 40 hostages'.  They won't even release the names of the hostages!!
So all the reports of starving Palestinian children, of Palestinians without health care, without housing, etc. is all on Hamas.  The peace deal was for 6 weeks of a cease fire - for humanitarian aid to enter Gaza quickly.  But Hamas has said NO.  Hamas said the U.N. is responsible for the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, not them.  
I don't know when people in the U.S., like Antony Blinken, are going to finally admit that Hamas does not want peace with Israel - they want all of Israel's land for their own.  The Biden admin is no friend of Netanyahu's or Israel's.  They are anti-God.
It's crystal clear exactly who's side the U.S. is on.  And of course, Qatar - the headquarters of Hamas - is anti-Israel.  Egypt is anti-Israel.  Israel has no allies.
Looks like Hamas may have 30 dead hostages plus some 100 living hostages, if the latest information is correct.  
Also on March 5, "Negotiators from the Palestinian militant group, Qatar and Egypt - but NOT Israel - are in Cairo trying to secure a 40-day ceasefire in Hamas' war with Israel in time for the Muslim fasting month of Ramadan, which begins early next week.  If Hamas releases sick, injured, elderly and women hostages, Israel will cease-fire for 6 weeks.
So far, Hamas is holding firm that the ceasefire must come BEFORE any hostages are released.  Israel is holding firm that Hamas must be eliminated.
Biden says Gaza ceasefire deal is in Hamas' hands as Ramadan nears
As this peace deal hangs in the air, Ramadan is approaching and there will be tens of thousands of Muslims going to their mosques in Jerusalem.
Also on March 5, 2024, the Israeli government said that all Muslims will be allowed to pray on the 'Esplanade of the Mosques' of Jerusalem during Ramadan.  The Israeli government said they would assess the situation on security and safety as necessary and "..will do everything to guarantee freedom of worship on the Temple Mount and allow Muslims to celebrate Ramadan...", Netanyahu said.  This will be a very tense time due to the war in Gaza.  The U.S. Biden administration called on Netanyahu to open up the Temple Mount to all Muslims after calls to prohibit access to the mosques for a certain age group due to previous violent eruptions in the past during Ramadan.
Ramadan in the midst of the Israel-Hamas war: Israel will allow access to the Mosque Esplanade to Muslim faithful News
This is a very dangerous time for Jerusalem.  Especially if there is no ceasefire, no aid relief in Gaza.  Only IF Netanyahu bows down to Hamas demands will there be any form of a fake peace.  He may do this because of pressure concerning Ramadan.
Nothing happens outside of God's will.
Pray for the peace of Jerusalem!