Bruce Kessler (31 Mar 2024)
"Knee Injury"

 My back got better….but knee injury from Pickleball/snow ski fall/climbing a hill to fish has reinjured the right knee…could not even pray  on knees in church today without pain….Orthopedic knew specialist will see me on April 9…..PT gave me three exercises with no lateral movement suggested…X ray last year showed no arthritis and ortho doc did not think there was meniscus damage….but twisting hurt  the cartilage which can take a long time to heal…last time I  went in almost on crutches and back healed perfect….doc shot me with cortisone and gave tramadol to kill pain…that will do the job again….but they want the cause to heal not the effect…said other injections can heal and probably not a knee replacement issue…so we pack with ice and take Ibuprofen and pray…can you pray for a miracle—time has healed sports injury in the past but had to quit tennis after shattered arm surgery and snow skiing and pickleball are history…need to be better by  Grouse season this fall…have a knee brace that helps much…walking helps to stay in motion but not long distance.


Bruce Kessler