Gino (19 Mar 2023)
"Jesus did NOT have traces of fallen angel seed!"

I just heard someone on a podcast mention his possible theory about fallen angel seed making its way onto the ark via one of Noah's daughter-in-laws.
I had heard that once before, where they explicitly said it was Ham's wife, and that was why Canaan was cursed by Noah.
They explain that is why there were some descendants that were giants.
Of course that thinking leads to a big problem, considering:

"There is a good chance that Tamar was Canaanite, as well as Rahab the harlot.

Both of these women were ancestors of David, and therefore in the line of the Messiah.

Yes, the throne was the right of Jesus, down from David, through Solomon, down to Joseph his stepfather,

who was not his physical father, the lineage is shown in Matthew chapter 1.

But Mary, his actual mother, was also descended from David, through another son of David and Bathsheba, Nathan,

possibly named after the prophet, shown in Luke chapter 3.

So, Mary was physically related to Tamar and Rahab, and therefore also was Jesus, according to the flesh.

Therefore to imply that anyone related to the Canaanites is cursed, because supposedly they all had traces of fallen angel seed, is ludicrous."

Also, that teaching of Ham's wife, justifies the sinful, prejudicial hatred of the children of Ham, which is very wicked.