Garry B (19 Mar 2023)


The Book of Revelation tells us that AFTER Satan is cast out of heaven, and  down to earth, he "HAS BUT A SHORT TIME" ( Rev 12:12 ). Then the Book of Revelation tells us the exact length of Satan's "SHORT TIME" on earth is 42 months or 1,260 days ( Rev 13:5 ). 

We know that Satan's 1,260 day reign of authority on earth IS ENDED by the SECOND COMING OF THE LORD to fulfill a future FEAST OF TRUMPETS which ALWAYS occurs on the New Moon of Tishri 1.

IF the Second Coming of the Lord is appointed to the Feast of Trumpets which occurs on SABBATH SATURDAY September 12, 2026 , then EXACTLY 1,260 days PRIOR to that date is SABBATH SATURDAY April 1, 2023. 

IF SABBATH SATURDAY APRIL 1. 2023 is the APPOINTED DAY for Satan's arrival on earth TO BEGIN his 1,260 day authority on earth, then THAT DAY will also be THE DAY  of the resurrection & raptue of His Elect Church JUST PRIOR to Satan's arrival ON THAT SAME DAY. The Church will be in heaven for the exact same length of time, ie. 1,260 days, that Satan has his authority on earth. His Elect Church then returns to earth with the Lord at His Second Coming at the end of the 1,260 days OF SATAN'S REIGN on earth.

That is why Jesus says, "I COME QUICKLY" a total of FOUR TIMES , and all of them in the Book of Revelation :  (  Rev 3:11 . Rev 22:7 ,  Rev 22:12  ,  Rev 22:20  ) 


It is only TWO WEEKS to SABBATH SATURDAY APRIL 1, 2023 which is also NISAN 10  on God's Sacred Year Calendar.  If we are NOT RAPTURED on THAT DAY, we will have to wait for next year according to the information REVEALED TO US  in the Book of Revelation.   Mark your calendar !

According to Your Holy Word, come Lord Jesus !