Fay (19 Mar 2023)
"Check This Out! They have branded it 'Tuckerism'"


Hi John and Doves,

I nearly fell off my chair, laughing at this one. Mainstream media are attempting to brand Tucker Carlson as a Putin apologist. Their methods are embarrassingly passť. Seriously - they keep leaping back to their default button. i.e If you are not with us, you are against us. Next, they'll be telling us that Tucker Carlson is a Russian puppet and also had sex with Stormy Daniels. hahaha. Ridiculous, but it wouldn't surprise me. I deeply, deeply question the intellectual level our politicians have. Both Intelligence Quotient as well as Emotional Quotient. Almighty God sent Nebuchadnezzar insane - remember? These politicians with their whore media, are ridiculous. I must also add that this article is indicative of how much power our politicians think the media have. I don't think they realise that very many people have woken up. The politicians still believe they are swaying public opinion via their slave media. How out of touch they are.

As an aside - Donald Trump reckons he may be arrested by Tuesday re the Stormy Daniels fiasco. If the Dems do this, it will expose their intrinsic weakness. They are DEATHLY afraid of Donald Trump and his popularity. Seriously scared. Watch to see how they up the comical ante. I don't think they sleep particularly well at night !

Is this the man in America turning the Ukraine war for Vladimir Putin? (msn.com)