Fay (19 Mar 2023)
"The ICC's Warrant for Putin. Signs of Western Desperation"


Hi John and Doves,

Quoting loosely from the article throughout: - " Hours after Friday's (March 17th) announcement of Xi's trip to Moscow, an international arrest warrant was issued for Putin on war crime charges". This is purely a PR exercise, Doves. Because neither China or Russia - nor the USA or Ukraine, have ratified the ICC's founding treaty. The U.S., beginning with the Clinton administration, has refused to join the court, fearing that it's broad mandate could result in the prosecution of American troops or officials". The flurry of developments - which followed China's brokering of an agreement between Saudi Arabia and Iran, and it's release of what it calls a 'peace plan' for Ukraine - came as the Biden administration warily watches Beijing's move to assert itself more forcefully in international affairs".

So - the ICC 'arrest warrant' for Putin, is simply being recognised because it's convenient for this instance. I reckon the Biden administration are actually in a huge panic over this development. They run the enormous risk of losing the principal narrative - and their lead - in promoting this evil war. They are hoping that the ICC warrant (meaningless, really) will forge world opinion on Putin - thus rendering the 'peace talks' null and void. Grasping at straws, methinks!

Either the Biden administration accepts this new paradigm or it chooses to attack. It's one or the other, Doves. We are on the brink of a third world war. The article is well worth your time.

Please come, LORD Jesus.

How a warrant for Putin puts new spin on Xi visit to Russia (msn.com)