Phil (27 Mar 2022)
"Re: "!!! Steve W, ANTICHRIST 666 Watching 3/24/2022 Ominous prophetic syncs with 2nd Coming of JESUS 2028 !!!""

John and Doves,

I noticed the 3/24/2022 date in Steve's title and remembered that last night I had a look at that date too but for a different reason.
I was wondering when the next big thing might happen to do with the invasion of Ukraine by Russia (Putin) on 24/2/2022 (English dates now).
Well I thought that perhaps they might do something on 24/3/2022 as that was 7+7+7+7 days later.
That reminded me of the Thai Cave incident of 23/6/2018 where the boys' soccer team got trapped in the cave before eventually being rescued one by one.
On Google Earth this cave entrance has the most number of lines going to it except for Kilauea volcano on Hawaii and they of course are joined by a line measuring 6,666 miles.
But I digress.
So, from 23/6/2018 (adds to 22) to 24/3/2022 = 1369 days between dates = 37x37days!!! 37 squared.

From 23/6/2018, Thai Cave, to 24/2/2022, Russia Invades Ukraine = 1342 days or exactly 44 months between dates.
And 1342+2431 = 3773 the same as 2701+1072.
3773 = 77x7x7.
2701 is as most Christians know the Hebrew gematria for the first verse of the Bible.
2701 = 37x73

Now let us look at Russia.
Russia started the invasion of Afghanistan on 24/12/1979.
Russia started to leave Afghanistan on 15/5/1988.
Russia exited Afghanistan on 15/2/1989.
Day gap = exactly 3+3+3 months.
So, from invading Afghanistan on 24/12/1979 to invading Ukraine on 24/2/2022 = exactly 506 months and 5+6 = 11, Antichrist number..
506 months  = 22x22+22 months or, [(11+11)x(11+11)]+(11+11) months.
And 506+605 = 1111 = 33x33+22 or [(11+11+11)x(11+11+11)]+(11+11).

From exiting Afghanistan on 15/2/1989 to invading Ukraine on 24/2/2022 = 33 yrs and 3+3+3 days (6x6x6 hrs).
This equates to 396 months and 3+3+3 days or 66x6 months + 6x6x6 hrs.
396 months is also 18x18+(18+18+18+18) months or [(6+6+6)x(6+6+6)]+(6+6+6)+[(6+6+6)+(6+6+6)+(6+6+6)].
And 3+9+6 = 6+6+6.

Keep looking up.