Frank Molver (27 Mar 2022)
"1 Cor 10:31 (20 Mar 2022) "*** SERIOUS QUESTION ABOUT DEMONS"

"Can demons come into your home and STEAL TANGIBLE ITEMS from your house, do you think??? "


Well ya, for sure. They can physically manifest, can cause sickness, insanity, mess with the weather etc etc.

I had an experience about 20 years ago that made me realize this. I had been going thru a some  deliverance meetings and was getting some real victories, felt great. I came home and walked by a mirror. I saw a large black smear on my face, I looked at my hands and nothing was there so I realized the devil was ticked at me. So then after talking to my wife I went back into the house to pick up the keys I laid on the counter earlier and they weren't there. I asked my wife and she said she didn't touch them, I said that I couldn't have, we got into an argument. Then it dawned on me. The devil was ticked at me and wanted to cause strife in the house. Then I thought how many times this has happened to me in the past, and how many times has this happened to other families. The devil is quite capable of causing trouble in the house and fighting between family members, that is his job!

So, if I were you I would start asking God if there is anything in the house that is allowing these things to happen. I had a lot of art and artifacts from asia. I later learned that many of these things had curses written cleverly on them to cause people to buy them, and it works.

So I would look for books, video games, art work, native indian artwork, even tv channels and possible porno. These guys are clever , stuff hidden in plane site as they say. Anyway, pray about it. Anointing with oil and praying is good, but if there is something there it has to go, otherwise it gives the demon a right to hang around and cause trouble.