Chance (27 Mar 2022)
"The Plot Thickens - The Elusive Hunter Biden Laptop and US BioLabs in Ukraine"

Hello John and Doves,
MSM, the White House, and Joe Biden told the American people that the Hunter Biden laptop story was RUSSIAN disinformation!~  
Even Bill Barr said he believed it was Russian disinformation, blowing Trump off when Trump questioned Barr about the laptop and Hunter Biden...yet, Barr's own FBI had the laptop - and they KNEW the truth about it.  Then Barr said that Joe Biden lied to him about the laptop - telling Barr is was Russian disinformation "which he knew was a lie."  Sounds like Barr was playing both sides of the fence...and he knew the truth.  Lies, lies, and more lies.  Barr lied to the American people also.
Bill Barr says Joe Biden lied to Americans about Hunter Biden laptop: ‘I was very disturbed’ | Fox News
Then denying that the US funded, built, did research in bio weapons labs in Ukraine..
That damnable laptop that Hunter Biden so carelessly forgot to pick up from the pawn shop indeed does exist and what's on it is shocking.  Exposing THEIR lies.  Besides 'compromising' pictures of Hunter, there are also 'compromising' emails and financial documents.  (Hopefully, more news on all of this will be forth coming.)
The next big lie to be exposed, connects right to the Hunter Biden laptop's the US denial of US bio weapons labs in Ukraine, an accusation made by Putin/Russia.
Russia has been squawking for years about US bio weapons labs in Ukraine along the Russian border.  Putin told Zelensky that if he didn't remove them, that he (Putin) would.  Russia reported in April and May of 2020 about the existence of laboratories built by the US Defense Special Weapons Agency in Ukraine that maybe developing deadly pathogens; that the US was working on "potentially powerful biological weapons."  Igor Kirillov, the Commander of the Russian Radiological, Chemical, and Biological Defense Force accused the US of "preparing viruses like bird flu in Ukraine's biological warfare lab."  The Russians have proof of these biolabs that they found during their invasion of Ukraine, when securing these labs.
And the U.S. has been denying such accusations.  "..Washington continues to deny any involvement.  When pressed on the matter, Pentagon Press Secretary John Kirby referred to the Russian claims as "a bunch of malarkey."  "While US officials and western mainstream media quickly denied the existence of any US involvement in these biological facilities, their claims are confounded by the release of overwhelming evidence to the contrary, including the existence of 15 official US documents previously posted, and recently removed from the US Embassy in Kyiv's official website, confirming the present of at least 11 bio labs, plus 2 other new labs which were due to be constructed in Odessa and Kyiv.  These US bio labs situated in Ukraine were established between 2009 and 2012, and paid for by the US Department of Defense and the Defense Threat Reduction Agency."  This was during the Obama/Biden administration.  So Biden knew about these biolabs.
Pentagon-Ukraine Bio Labs: The Hunter Biden Connection - 21st Century Wire
And the "Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation talks about "Ukrainian biological laboratories":  Hunter Biden-linked Rosemont Seneca Foundation, Soros Foundation, US Agency for International Development and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention." 
Nick RY6LAF, ex UA6LYR on Twitter: "The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation talks about "Ukrainian biological laboratories": Hunter Biden-linked Rosemont Seneca Foundation, Soros Foundation, US Agency for International Development and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. ." / Twitter
Seems the Russians weren't lying about this after all!  They know about the labs, the US involvement, the Hunter Biden financing, etc.  Yet, the White House is still denying, denying, denying.
"Hunter Biden helped secure funds for UB biolab contractor in Ukraine:  e-mails"  "Russia's assertion that President Biden's son Hunter was "financing...biological laboratories in Ukraine" was based in truth, according to e-mails reviewed by The Post.....A trove of e-mails on Hunter Biden's infamous laptop - found that he played a role in helping a California defense contractor analyze killer disease and bioweapons in Ukraine.  Moscow has claimed that secret American biological-warfare labs in Ukraine were a justification for its unprovoked invasion of the neighboring country last month.  It doubled down on the accusations Thursday, claiming the labs produced biochemical weapons at the Biden family's behest.....Russia's new claims that the first son's investment fund was involved in raising money for biolab projects in Ukraine was accurate, according to e-mails involving Hunter Biden's dealings in Ukraine...."
The American people have been lied to over and over.  The Joe Biden Crime Family is a reality.  Their dealings with other countries are dark and dirty and traitorous.  How the Democrats could have picked Joe Biden with his nefarious family connections to the CCP, and the most corrupt country in Europe - Ukraine, and who knows how many other damning emails and financial documents are on this laptop..this just shows how corrupt the Democrat Party is in America to chose such a man to be the Leader of the Free World. to be President of The United States of America.  
How would America feel if Russia had bio weapons research labs on her Mexican border...and that Putin's son was involved in funding said research?  And then have Russia say it's all lies, even though Putin's son's laptop spills the beans??  And the Russian embassy had documents about said bio weapons labs in Mexico.  And Russia continues to deny and claim innocence in bio weapons labs on their main enemies border.  When the denial is being exposed as just more lies. 
And it's not just Biden - it's the US DOD that's doing the research - hasn't the world had enough with biological weapons - aka SARS-CoV-2??  Do we really need more such viruses?  
But when one wants a New World Order...controlling the population of the world via biological weapons is a good start.  And lies are necessary to bring about this control.
We have two sides - the West/US and China/Russia - and other countries will pick a side.  The NWO/WEF/Great Reset is the West/US.  I suspect Russia wants nothing to do with this 'beast' and China's CCP prefers to rule a big part of the world on their own.
This will all play out according to God's will - per the biblical prophecies.  We are watching satan prepare for his One World Government, One World Leader - the Antichrist.
Pray for the peace of Jerusalem!