Chance (27 Mar 2022)
"Credit Card Used to Control Our Carbon Footprint Size"

 Hello John and Doves,
Last week I wrote a letter to Doves (link and part of it is posted below) about the coming : carbon-emission spending credit limit. 
Well, it's already here!  It's 'voluntary' for now.  They have already set this up.  There are numerous articles about this from last September, 2021 - which I missed.  
"Klarna starts providing 90 million consumers with carbon footprint insights through Aland Index"...The Klarna bank provides "carbon impact calculations on all transactions by all users through the Doconomy service...This launch by Klarna is the largest initiative ever taken by a bank in educating its users on the impact of consumption."  (Doconom AB is a Swedish compnay)
Klarna teams up with Doconomy – Doconomy
Mastercard and the UN are working together on this.  Once you reach your assigned carbon limit - the card can no longer be used.
"Get ready for a Chinese-style social credit system scoring when it comes to your personal spending habits and how they impact "climate change".  A new credit card called Doconomy, has launched that is "working in tight collaboration with Mastercard" and an alliance with the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change is now available so you can monitor your personal CO2 budget on every purchase you make....The credit cards feature the slogan on them reading "DO. Everyday Climate Action" and have a personal pledge on the read of the card boasting:  "I am taking responsibility for every transaction I make to help protect the planet."  The Mastercards feature the UN "Global Climate Action" log on them as well."
"The new CO2 monitoring credit card follows on the heels of the new study in the Journal of Nature in August 2021 calling for "personal carbon allowances" that would monitor individuals' CO2 emissions through smart meters and tracking apps."
The World Economic Forum wrote on the Doconomy CO2 monitoring website:  "While many of use are aware that we need to reduce our carbon footprint advice on doing so can seem nebulous and keeping a tab is difficult.  DO monitors and cuts off spending, when we hit our carbon max."
 Here is a picture of their Mastercard:  (note the 'chemtrails')
 At, there is an article about this.  "From bananas and sausages to flights and fuel, we all like to keep a tally of what we spend.  But whether we monitor the price in dollars, rupees or yuan, it's unlikely we are also measuring that cost in tons of carbon produced....Everything we put in our shopping basket comes at an environmental cost....Doconomy has launched a new credit card that monitors the carbon footprints of its customers - and cuts off their spending when they rich their carbon max."
 This credit card use is voluntary now...but how long until this too will be mandated?  Biden could mandate these cards under a "climate emergency".  THEY will decide what a person's maximum carbon limit/carbon allowance will be.  
Biden has already frozen new oil and gas drilling on federal and private land.  Biden wants the IRS to track bank transactions over $600.  Biden's climate plan limits Americans to 4lbs of Beef per person...
 Biden et al are moving to control everything in our lives...what we eat, what we drive, what we spend, what we buy....   All in line with the New World Order/The Great Reset being pushed by the World Economic Forum
Pray for the peace of Jerusalem!
Here's the link to my Doves letter last week and what Zelensky has done in Ukraine - soon coming to America - THEY are moving fast on this:
In 2020, Ukraine's government launched "an application called Diaa that includes identify cards, passports, permits, vaccination records, registrations, insurance, health reimbursements, social benefits, and more.  A model that was known until now only in China with the famous social credit.  This was talked about for a long time, and then precipitated by the Covid crisis, governments want to more towards digitization of everyday life by grouping together almost all services on the phone."  Since 2020, this "platform has continued to evolve."  "Moreover, with Covid-19, the government has even announced that the payment of benefits is conditional on the presence of a vaccination certificate."  "Ukraine was therefore the champion of digitalization before the war broke out at the end of February."  Poland has a similar mobile app launched at the end of 2019.  "Eventually, they will set a carbon-emission spending credit limit for all purchases."  "The first credit card using that technology was created in Sweden with the support of the World Economic Forum and the United Nations."Ukraine is the first country to implement World Economic Forum's 'Great Reset'
And with Biden sending tons of money to Ukraine - the U.S. is funding the The Great Reset/WEF agenda in Ukraine.  The Great Reset agenda is coming to America - Americans will eventually have a "carbon-emission spending credit limit for all purchases" plus a carbon-footprint score.  They will own us.