Luis Vega (1 Mar 2015)
"THE JUBILEE PATTERN OF TIME - 120 Markers of Human History"



A Study of the 7-fold Prophetic Dispensations

by Luis B. Vega for online PDF illustration in chart section

And Jehovah says, 'My Spirit doth not strive in man -- to the age; in their erring they are flesh:' and his days will have been 120 years. ‘ –Genesis 6:3

The purpose of this study is to map out the pattern of time relevant to the human race based on the notion of the 120 Jubilee prophetic period of time. This is based on one of the interpretations from Genesis 6:3. This study will consider some pertinent patterns of time that begins for Humanity with the Biblical account of Genesis. This timeline will reflect a projection of time based on the 7 day or the 1 week of creation of YHVH according to the Bible. This timeline that will map-out the dispensation of the Ages of human history is concurrent with the notion of there being a totality of a 7000 year dimension of time and space. The chart associated with this study will show this illustration based on the original layout of the Dispensation of Time by C. Larkin. What will be embellished in this study is the notion that such dispensations are subject to a factor of the phi ratio, other mathematical variables and Biblical numerical patterns.

The next supposition is that the creation account of Genesis 1:2 is a ‘re’-creation of an earlier form of existence of Earth that perhaps was or was not subject to time or a current dimension of space and time continuum. In essence Genesis 1:1 is independent of verse 2 and the account is an overlapping of what took place, a re-creation of Earth to make suitable for Humanity. Dispensation is another word for an Age or a period of time. Such Bible scholars like Larkin recognized that the LORD dealt with patterns of numbers and repeating sequences in time. With such geometry, the dispensations can approximate for example when the Church Age is to conclude and when the Rapture is take place based on prior patterns. In essence the principle of the pattern of time is that the beginning is the same as the end and the end is the same as the beginning, etc.

One of the main patterns of this timeline that will be examined is that of the pattern of 7s. It is a factor that is seen to some extent in almost every dispensation. Another prevalent numerical pattern is that of 40; it is 3x a factor within the 120 Jubilee prophetic time period. Biblically speaking the spiritual significance of 40 is that of a time of testing or evaluation. This study will make the distinction that there is a different word usage for ‘judgment’ that just refers to a measurement to the ‘judgment’ that prescribes a consequence or wrath that occurs at the end of such 40 Jubilee time markers. If such a 120 Jubilee prophetic pattern of time model is valid and reliable, it strongly suggests that Humanity is on the verge of a monumental transition to a re-creation or New World Order. It will not be the false one of the Masonic Luciferians and occultist that will be forcefully imposed during the Tribulation but that of the King of Creation, Jesus.

A Phi Ratio of Time Patterns
The main attribute of the 120 Jubilee pattern of time is that it mirrors the 7 day creation timeframe. This is assuming a linear continuum since the creation of Adam as the point of origin and the beginning of the 120 Jubilee prophetic pattern of time. It is also assuming that the 120 numerical value is referring to Jubilees and not an average life span. The supposition of the 120 coefficient is based off a 50 year count, not actually the 49th year count. The equation would be

120 Jubilees x 50 years = 6000 years.

In actuality the more accurate rendering of the timespan would be

120 Jubilees x 49 years = 5880 years.

The difference of the 2 equations would be 120 years coincidentally. Interestingly, if the 121st Jubilee would be multiplied by the 49 years count, the result would be 5929 years. This would produce a 70th year period difference to complete the 6000 year timespan. In the 120 Jubilee pattern of time model, each 1000 years corresponds to the 1 day of the prophetic ‘re-creation’ day of the literal week of Creation. This principle is well established as the Bible correlates ‘1 day is as a 1000’ in the LORD, etc. The Flood of Noah splits the time of Humanity from the Antediluvian Age to the Present Age. It appears that the 6000 year timespan is composed of pairs of time constituting approximately 2000 years. For example consider the following.

1. Adam to Abram = ~2000 years
2. Abram to Jesus = ~2000 years
3. Jesus to Rapture = ~2000 years

One of the most amazing mathematical correlations of the 120 Jubilee pattern of time is that it follows cycles of time based on the phi ratio. For example, the entire 7000 year time continuum is pegged to the Flood and birth of Abram, approximately just after the 2000 year marker from Adam or approximately 1948 years from Jesus using this timeline model. The 2000 year marker is also in phi ratio to the 120 lifespan of Moses, which in turn is in phi ratio of time to the crucifixion of Jesus. In another phi ratio correlation using the 7000 year timespan, the time from Adam to the translation or Rapture of Enoch is in phi ratio to the start of the Flood and the birth of Abram. The time from the Flood to the 2000 year mark is approximately 7 Jubilees.

If this pattern is mirrored forward from 1948 when Israel was birthed as a nation since 70 AD, then a ‘7 prophetic Jubilee’ countdown in a similar pattern of the antithesis of the Flood, i.e., the Rapture and judgment of the world would possibly render when it is to occur. This would put the corresponding pattern of global judgment at the end at 2015-16 timespan. On 2 occasions the phi ratio pattern matches the relationship derived from the phi ratio that matches the time of the Flood and the birth of Abram. Another scaled down 120 Jubilee pattern is also pegged from the New Covenant with Jesus to the commissioning of the 120 Disciples in the Upper Room on the 50th day, which was Pentecost after the crucifixion of Jesus. The following are some phi ratio associations.

1. phi ratio time = Adam to Flood ~1650s + 7 Jubilees to birth of Abram in 6000 year timespan
2. phi ratio time = Adam to the birth of Abram ~1948 and to 7000 year time span
3. phi ratio time = end of Adamic Age + birth of Abram to call of Moses and 2015-16 (7000 year)
4. phi ratio time = Covenant with Abram to calling of Moses to the Cross of Christ

This is what the study suggests that the timeline is pivoted on certain men, Adam, Noah, Abram, and Christ. The study strongly suggests that the 120 Jubilee pattern of time depicts the various Covenants between YHVH throughout this human history that correlates or matches certain time junctions that approximate a phi ratio of time within the timespan. It would appear thus that such Covenants are benchmarks or time markers that are mathematically related to other key prophetic times. These prophetic junctures in time appear also to occur in patterns and repeat throughout the entire timeline. The point is that if such patterns do repeat, then the end of the timeline does suggest when the birth of Israel was to occur and thus when the Rapture of the Bride is to occur based on a phi ratio of time. Such a 120 Jubilee theory of time brings this hypothesis to light. This study thus suggests that prophecy is directly related to the mathematical property of the phi ratio.

These patterns suggest that whole economy of YHVH’s prophecy follows a phi ratio pattern. Thus if one knows a 1st point in time and a 2nd point in time is determined, an endpoint can be concluded. Such prophetic patterns occur at an approximation of the phi ratio spiral and are a function of the 50 year Jubilee time pattern sequence that mirrors 1 particular Holy Feasts of YHVH. This prophetic time seen in the timeline corresponds to only 1 Feast of YHVH, that of Pentecost. This is true when the spiral phi ratio is pegged from Passover to Pentecost, a 50 day sequence that mirrors the entire 7000 year Jubilee pattern of time. In other words if Adam correlates to the presentation of the lamb 10 days prior to Passover, then the Noah and Flood would correspond to the Passover week, thus this would mean that the Ascension of Jesus on the 40th day would correlate to the end of the 120th Jubilee with also a ‘Rapture’ of His Body. This supposition and scenario would leave the remaining 10 ‘days’ to correlated to the 1000 year Millennium to complete the prophetic 50 day Pentecost patter of human history.

The Covenants of Time
The 7 prophetic days consisting of a 1000 year period also correspond to the 7 Covenants of YHVH that were made with Humanity during this time continuum. Thus it is conceivable that the Tribulation period will thus also mirror this 7 day to year pattern. If the last Jubilee, the 120th is the 2015-16 one, then 2018 would correlate to the phi ratio time marker of the 70th years from 1948 when Israel was born. This in turn would mirror the time pattern when the 2nd Temple was destroyed in 70 AD. It would be 1, 948 years to the same year 2018. Thus the 7 Covenants could be seen as also a time-marker of sorts along the time continuum. A covenant is basically a contract or promise made between 2 or more entities. In one prime instance a Covenant can be unilateral; this is it is the case for the Abrahamic Covenant. In particular to Abram, the Bible suggests is that the Covenant between YHVH and Abram, the Friend of YHVH was in fact unilateral; the contract was all dependent upon YHVH exclusively. All that was required of Abram to enter such an agreement of blood was to believe and be circumcised as a physical sign.

This particular unilateral Covenant of Abram stipulated the land grant of Israel, the blessing of the nations and the salvation to come to the whole world through the promise of the Christ, the SON of GOD that was to be a sacrifice and a coming ‘city’ whose construction is made without human hands. This Covenant is one of the main focal points on the 120 Jubilee pattern of time based on a phi ratio proportion of 7000 years; the Flood is the phi ratio fulcrum with the 6000 year timespan. This phi ratio is most often called the ‘Signature of GOD’ as it is seen in all aspects of the creation, from the macro to the micro level.  A mentioned before, there are 7 Covenants, 7 Ages. Each Age has also had its prophetic attribute.


NAME                         SIGN
1. Adamic                    Tree
2. Noahic                     Rainbow
3. Abrahamic               Circumcision
4. Palestinian              Land
5. Mosaic                    Sabbath
6. Davidic                    Kingdom
7. New                         Holy Spirit

Dispensation             Attribute
1. Adamic                    Innocence
2. Pre-Noahic              Conscience
3. Post-Noahic            Government
4. Abrahamic               Family
5. Mosaic                    Law
6. New                         Grace (Church Age)
7. Millennial                 Righteousness
8. Eternity Future        Holiness (the 8th Day)

The 40 Pattern of Testing
The dispensation of the entire 120 Jubilee pattern of time is divided into 3 main Ages; that of the Antediluvian, Present and Millennial Ages. There appears to be symmetry, mirroring, an order and intelligent design to this 120 Jubilee timeline model. The 3 Ages of the main body of the 120 Jubilee pattern of time dispensations have the factor of 40 that Biblically signifies a time of testing, of judgment. Within these 3 divisions, the 7-fold time periods or dispensations are associated not only to a time but a personage and a legal or binding condition called a Covenant between mankind and YHVH. A prevailing attitude that characterizes the time periods is also noted.

If the interpretation of the number 120 is actually a ‘code’ of prophetic years, then it should follow other patterns that the LORD uses in dealing with time and events. The number 120 has some particular numerical values that will be brought out. One is that it is a perfect triplet of 40 years or in this case Jubilees. This number in the Bible is always associated with a time of testing. This 40 year pattern is most prevalently seen in the Exodus of Israel from Egypt and the wondering in the desert until a subsequent generation was of age to cross into the Promised Land, 40 years later. In terms of the Feasts of YHVH, the Fall feast of Rosh HaShana that starts the civil new year incorporates a 40 day introspection that culminates on Yom Kippur.

Amazingly, it is that time when the Jubilees are proclaimed. There are 30 days that lead up to Rosh HaShana specifically and then the 10 Days of Awe that is fulfilled by the Day of Atonement on Yom Kippur. It is considered the holiest day of the year; a time of ‘Judgment’ or testing of one’s souls and heart. If this 40 year pattern is ‘code’ for testing, then it should correspond on the timeline with major judgments at their terminal points in time. This is exactly what occurs in the timeline. There are 3 major junctures in the 120 Jubilee timeline that indicates such a profound and prophetic time of testing of judgment. Moreover, these judgment points of ‘40’ coincide with a 2nd layer of deliverance for GOD’s People.

The 1st juncture of time of the prophetic 40 Jubilee year testing correlated to the Flood of Noah. Where the juncture occurs at the end of the 3 factors of the 40 Jubilee year pattern within the 120 Jubilee pattern of time does involve wrath and a beginning of a new order of existence. At these approximate prophetic 40 Jubilee year points, there is a simultaneous rendering of life and death, salvation and damnation, a ‘New World Order’ based on YHVH’s precepts. These ‘New Orders’ most notably correspond to the 3 main re-creations that involve the timespan of approximately 40 Jubilee prophetic years. These ‘re-creation’ patterns echo the re-creation account of Genesis 1:2.

These times of ‘testing’ or judgments to include wrath and deliverance occur at the following dispensation points. The 1st prophetic period of 40 Jubilees spans the time from Adam to Abram. Most noticeably, the specific Jubilee count is of 33 Jubilee prophetic years from Adam to the Flood of Noah. Also interestingly, 33 is 1/3 of the circle. The 2nd 40 Jubilee prophetic time is from Abram to the crucifixion of Jesus. The specific Jubilee count is 47 Jubilees or 40 plus 1 more 7 factor of time. The 3rd will be at the time from the Cross to the Rapture of the Bride of Christ, if such a model of time is consistent, reliable and valid.


1. Adam to Noah = ~33rd Jubilee inclusive of Adam to Abram = 40 Jubilees of ‘testing’
2. Noah to Jesus = ~47 Jubilees inclusive of Abram to Jesus = 40 Jubilees of ‘testing’
3 .Jesus to Bride = 40 Jubilees of ‘testing’ synchronized to the Rapture

The Pentecostal Geometric Patterns
The dispensations of this 120 Jubilee pattern of time are based on a factor of 7 and 14. They also incorporate the principle of the 49th or 7x7 count prophetically as there are 7 dispensations of time presented for consideration. As it has been mentioned, a dispensation is another word for an ‘Age’ or time period. The LORD Jesus alluded to such a reckoning of time when He promised the Church that He would be with her until the end of the Age or ‘dispensation’ in other words.

The 1st dispensation spans the time from Adam in Paradise that was characterized by Innocence. It is coupled with the time of Conscience, the 2nd dispensation that leads up to the Flood of Noah. Right in the midst is the Translation of Enoch event at approximately the 1000 year mark. Interestingly, Enoch was the 7th from Adam and here it can be seen that there were 10 generations altogether until Noah. These first 2 dispensation comprise the ‘past’ or what is referred to as the Antediluvian Age. The 3rd dispensation or Age is characterized by the Abrahamic Covenant.

This started relatively soon after the Flood of Noah to the cross of Jesus. The pattern of the 14 coefficient before and after the focal point of the Cross is bracketed by the birth of Abram in 1948 BC. This same pattern is seen or repeated for the duration of the Church Age after the Cross of Christ. This is the Terminal Generation since 1948 when Israel was ‘birthed’. The point is that the Church cannot go beyond that, as in the Tribulation based on this prophetic pattern.

If one were to configure a circle in the timeline from Abram to the Cross and the a subsequent circle from the Cross to the Rapture, that is the end of the Church Age, there would be an approximate equal sphere that has some interesting characteristic about it mathematically. First, a sine-wave can be attributed to the 2 adjacent circles. If the starting point is the point of the Covenant, and the direction starts downward, the apex point will correspond to approximately the year 1000 BC, the height of King Solomon’s reign. This was the crescendo of the Kingdom of Solomon.

From that point on the trajectory of the sine-wave reflects the deterioration of the kingdoms of YHVH’s Earthly People and intersect the point of the Cross of Christ as if to denote an equilibrium. The sine-wave thereafter ascends upward to correlate with the ascendency of the Church Age and peaks the time of the Church of Thyatira. From that point on the Church Age wanes as it end with Laodicea in a prevalent state of apostasy; much like Israel. In essence, the 7-fold faceted nature of the legal age of Patriarch, Law and the Prophets, the Kingdoms of Judah and Israel mirror that of the 7-fold faceted Church Age. This sine-wave depiction is a sphere or globe inference that such a time had as it were a ‘globe’ effect. This assertion is much in line with how the spinning of the Earth determines ‘time’ and it is a factor of time and seasons.

The Jubilant Rapture to Come
The spheres model that metaphorically suggests a rising and a setting, a light and a darkness, a revolution based and fixed on ‘time’ with the Cross of Cross being the ‘equator’ with a western and northern hemisphere, a north and south hemisphere, etc., depicts how Israel and the Church Age were 2 distinct but mirrored times of dispensations. Combined, both dispensations encompassed the ‘Present Age’ between 2 births related to the generation of 1948 BC and 1948 AD with Christ in the center. It is the birth of Abram relatively began the dispensation from where the Jewish people were to come forth from as the bloodline of the Covenant was confirmed through Isaac and Jacob that officially became Israel, a Prince of Elohim.

The point is that as the generation that witnessed the timing of Abram’s birth, the generation that witnessed the birthing of Israel, Jacob could possibly see the conclusion of the dispensation with the Rapture of the Bride of Christ. This pattern correlates to the end of the Church Age that completes the 120 Jubilee pattern of time. How close is that from 1948? Many believe that it is the season now based on numerous astronomical signs, such as eclipses, Blood Moons, the Tetrad, Super Moon patterns and other Biblically based patterns such as the Shmitah. All these are tied directly and have their bases on the timing of the liberation of the Temple Mount in 1967, which was the 119th Jubilee.

Thus it would make 2015-16 the prophetic window when the Rapture would or should or could take place. Thus it is suggested that the end point of the 7-fold Church Age will be the convergence of the end of the 3rd 40 Jubilee prophetic years that will culminate in a global judgment-wrath and deliverance of YHVH’s Spiritual People. This is in reference also to the 3rd corresponding Rapture type and pattern. This will be the event referred to by the Apostle Paul as the Blessed Hope. It will be the time when those ‘dead in Christ’ and those that alive and remain alive will be caught up to meet the LORD in the air and to be with the LORD forevermore; a singular event. The following calculations are an approximate rendering of what could be the prophetic pattern of when the conclusion of the 120 Jubilee is to be completed. One of the assumptions is that from Adam in year 0 to the birth of Noah is 10 generation. This generation duration will be the template.

It is assumed by some that the year of Noah’s birth was approximately in 1050. This would put the time marker of Noah to the approximate year 1000 which coincides with the translation of Enoch, i.e., the Rapture. This would put the translation of Enoch 13 years from the 1000 year mark of time since Adam and 50 years or 1 whole Jubilee thereafter for the birth of Noah. Such a pattern suggests that indeed the season of Noah will coincide with the Rapture of the Bride of Christ just before the global judgment falls. As noted, the 120 Jubilee pattern of time is based on the notion that the count is actually 50 when in fact it is 49 years as the 50th year is the 1st year of the subsequent 49 year Jubilee time period. Thus the following equation will lend some clues as to the difference in years.

49 year Jubilee x 120 cycles = 5,880 years, a 120 year difference from 6000 years

If 5,880 years are subtracted from the 6000 year time span, the difference is 120 years, a micro-pattern of the whole 120 Jubilee pattern of time. This is perhaps the difference of being the last generations as the 60th generation coincides with the 2015-16 Jubilee which is the 120th. The point is that the difference in the years from 5,880 to 6000 maybe the ‘code’ of 120 that amounts to the last 3 Jubilee cycles of 49 years left to complete the 120 Jubilees in 2015-16. Thus the last 3 Jubilees, that of 1868, 1917 and 1966 are a 3,2,1 prophetic 120 year countdown to the global judgment and Rapture of the Church that is left to complete the whole 6000 year 120 Jubilee pattern of time.

It would be mirrored to Enoch’s translation or ‘Rapture’ approximately 1000 years from Adam as the Rapture of the Bride of Christ would be approximately 1000 years from the end of the Millennium. As it is the Jewish reckoning of time puts the prevailing count or year since Adam at 5776 on September 13, 2015, some 224 years difference. If Humanity has that more to go, then at least it is the upper limit that the timeline could accommodate. Nonetheless, if what the prophetic pattern is suggesting, then the last Jubilee cycle will demand the existence of a Temple in the year 5776.

3. 1868 + 49 years = 1917 + 1 (1917-18 Jubilee Year) Jerusalem
2. 1917 + 49 years = 1966 + 1 (1966-67 Jubilee Year) Temple Mount
1. 1966 + 49 years = 2015 + 1 (2015-16) Jubilee Year) Temple?

The Genesis Gap
The 120 Jubilee prophetic timeline corresponds prophetically to the Creation Week. This study holds to the belief that the Creation Week was a ‘re-creation’ of a former state of existence on Earth and the universe that become ‘formless and void’ since Genesis 1:1. The point is that the literal 7 day re-Creation Week is not the original Genesis 1:1 that is pegged to the ‘beginning’ of all or that of the 1st cause and effect. In other words, the universe, Earth, the Sun and the Stars existed already at the time of Genesis 1:2. This account of the creation of Humanity has all of its reference point tied to Earth. In Hebrew, the word for was ‘ha ye tah’ denotes ‘had become’. Thus something or someone had caused this to occur to the point that the habitation necessary for sustaining the human race had to be refurbished on Earth.

   922                        8414                   
 1961                              776
wa bi hu                   to hu                 
ha ye tah                    we ha a res
and void            without form     
was (became)             And the earth
וּהבֹ֔וָ      תֹ֙הוּ֙     הָתָ֥יְה       ץרֶאָ֗הָוְ ß

Thus for example the depiction of the Sun, Moon and Stars on the 4th day of the Creation Week was not that they were created at that time but that they were ‘made’ to be a provision of varying degrees of light for the Earth and tied to the astronomical clock of which this new ‘timespan’ would be pegged to. In some instances ancient writings allude to the Moon being created after the fact as in Hebrew the ‘lesser lights’ are ascribed to the Stars and not necessarily implying a Moon at that time that the entire universe was created. This study also supports the notion that the Earth is both old and new based on the premise mentioned. The premise is that there is a ‘gap’ between Genesis 1 verse 1 and verse 2.

The sedentary record of Earth does allude to an ancient creation that is perhaps millions if not billions of years old. It is not known what state the Earth looked like and who inhabited the planet prior to Creation Week. There are speculations of course from the Atlanteans to Lucifer, Angels, etc. Thus the deterioration of the Earth’s state perhaps involved the Angelic rebellion of Lucifer that saw some sort of galactic warfare and scaring of the planets as a result throughout the universe. As it is currently within the immediate Solar System, it is only Earth that has abundant life, vegetation, atmosphere, water and civilization, etc. In terms of human history, the Earth is young as the only recorded historical accounts of the best records indicated only a time-span of 4000 years.

Anything beyond that time is suggested by this study to be Antediluvian. Many would argue that the fossil record places dinosaurs prior to Humanity showing up but there are records of humans depicted next to dinosaurs in the ancient writing of the Incas for example. The earliest forms of written records only go back approximately 4000 years to ancient Sumer in Mesopotamia. These post Flood civilizations emerged with complete and developed languages; with complex systems of numeration, mathematics, alphabets, etc.

This does not account for the prior 2000 years of knowledge and information that was lost due to the Flood. There are suppositions that in one case the ancient libraries and secret knowledge of the Atlanteans for example were disseminated to various parts of the world before the Flood. One such place was the Egypt. This does not account also for the knowledge and perhaps written volumes that Noah could or would have brought over on the Ark from the pre-Flood Ages. Realize that when Adam was around 900 years old, Enoch was born. Also Abraham was born when Noah was still alive and the father of Abram, Terah was a contemporary of Noah.


The point is that there was never a broken line of a live witnesses to the accounts of there being an Adam, Paradise and Noah and a Flood. It is thus conceivable that the original understanding of the times before the Flood of Noah were known. As it is, every culture has a Flood account although in some instances they have been embellished. The fact that there are so called Mystery School Religions of the ancient dark magic arts attests to the notion that the Antediluvian repository of knowledge, good and bad was transmitted to the New World Order after the Flood of Noah. It was not until some 700 years later from the death of Noah at 777 years that YHVH dictated His version of the Antediluvian and Creation Week account to Moses on Mount Sinai.


This very 7-7-7 pattern is prophetic and can be seen infused in the Spring Feasts of YHVH from Passover to Pentecost. From the presentation of the sacrificial lamb 4 days prior to Passover to the Resurrection is 7 days. From Passover day there is a 7 day observance. Then there are 7 weeks from First Fruits or 49 days to complete the 7-7-7 prophetic pattern on Pentecost. As Noah, the Church became a ‘recreation’ and perhaps will culminate in a similar global judgment as the People of YHVH are delivered, i.e., Rapture above the prophetic waters of wrath and judgment to come.

An Altar to Time
Based on the common interpretation of Genesis 6:3 regarding the 120 year code, most have assumed that the 120 years were to be the lifespan of the average age from that time forth. The problem with that is that the average age was around 900 years when this was proclaimed by YHVH. If that were to be the case, the 120 year ‘average’ would not be seen until the time of Joseph some 1,900 years later. How the years were to be diminishing can be explained in part as a result of the global Flood. The physical make-up of the Earth changed. The canopy that protected the Earth from radiation was lost, there was now a wobble that produced seasons and variants of wind, temperature and environments.

The human lifespan was subject also to a factor of diet and resources. Although the lifespan of mankind did deteriorate after the Fall of Adam and Eve, it was most notably due to sin as a direct effect of the Fall of Adam and Eve. Instead of Humanity ascending in knowledge, wisdom, understanding and health, since the Fall of Adam and Eve Humanity took a turn from ‘perfection’ to imperfection and degeneration starting at the genetic level. Even with the modern advance in current medicine and technology, there is hardly an average of any race on Earth of humans living 120 years. In most industrialized nations the best average is around 75-80 years.

For example the average year lifespan during the Middle Ages was 40 as it is still to this day in most of the 3rd world. It is not known how long Paradise or the Adamic Age lasted from the time Adam was created to the Fall. Based on the geometric patterns of the 120 Jubilee timeframe, it suggests an approximate 500 year duration. The remaining time until Noah’s Floor would approximate this Adamic Age. One very interesting configuration related to the 120 Jubilee dimension of time when sacred Gematria is infused into the 120 Jubilee pattern of time.

If one takes the purported time during the Adamic Age to be defined as the time from Adam to his death around 930 years, roughly the first 1000 years of the 6000 overall 120 Jubilee pattern, to the birth of Abram around 1948 BC, then the following can be ascertained mathematically. With a difference of 1500 years, this proportion of time approximates the dimensions of the difference of the size between the Earth and the Moon. In a comparative scale, the chart will show this illustration. Moreover, if this is the case, on another level, the mathematical correlation produces the sacred dimension of the Great Pyramid of Giza with the angle of slope, circumference and radius.


In other words, one can presume that the Great Pyramid is in one aspect a physical representation of time encapsulating the prophetic 1st delineation of the 40 Jubilee dispensation of Humanity’s beginning. This would precisely be the Antediluvian Age from the time of Adam to the birth of Abram. Truly the Great Pyramid would thus be an ‘Altar’ unto the LORD as it is depicted in Isaiah 19:19, a memorial to time based on the pi and phi ratio. It is recognized that the dating of the actual structure denotes a date of ~10,000 BC. This is either the fact that it was made of the elements of the Earth that no doubt are that old or that the building was not part of the Antediluvian civilization or Adamic Age.

The Return of the Nephilim
What is the purpose of the 120 Jubilee pattern of time? In part it is to bring forth the vehicle to destroy Lucifer and his Fallen Angelic rebellion. In totality, the purpose was given to Daniel in chapter 9:24. Such pronouncements are now possible by way of Jesus Christ. The vehicle was through Jesus’ emasculate conception and incarnation as a human with a sinless body. This was the vehicle, genetically that was given to not only atone for the sin of Adam’s human race but to bestow a restored Kingdom of YHVH to Adam and Eve. More so Humanity was to be a consort for Christ as a spiritual Bride was to be taken from among mankind.

Since that time, Lucifer and his Fallen Ones, aka ‘Aliens’ have attempted to perfect a hybrid humanity as an alternative ‘image’ based on Lucifer. Lucifer seeks disparately to be a ‘creator’ and bestow ‘eternal life’ but the best he can do are the Greys and the Nephilim, the Giants of old Earth mythology. It will be Lucifer by way of this false Prophet and Christ that will introduce the lie again to Humanity on a wholescale in the Last Days. Lucifer promised Eve eternal life, on his terms but lied and has not delivered, he can’t. He is impotent to do so because he cannot create life, the best is a Frankenstein version of genetically altered humans and Angels. The Bible is very clear that technically there are ‘extra-terrestrials’ that is those outside of Earth.

This is not to say there are other life forms in the universe, there are. They are the Holy Angels and their varying degrees, Lucifer the Fallen Anointed Cherub, the Arch Angels, the countess myriads of Angels the Fallen Angels and all their rank, the Principles, Thrones, Dominions, Princes of the Power of the Air, etc. Then as it pertains to the creation of Humanity there is the attempted corruption of the human DNA that occurred in Genesis 6 and still is occurring to this day. Such Fallen Angels interbred with humans to corrupt the seed or DNA of Humanity and the image and purpose of the Creator for mankind.

Nonetheless Lucifer will attempt through Transhumanism to sell the lie that he is the true ‘Christ’, the true light that will offer a new Humanity. The best he can do is to download one’s conscious into a box, a cyborg once the flesh is gone. Jesus Christ on the hand offers the truth, free will, enlightenment, eternal life and a glorified body as a gift and the rulership and dominion of Earth and the Heavens. The Bible promises that ‘no eye has seen or thought entered into the mind of what YHVH has for those that love him’. Jesus offers dominion, power as once Adam and Eve had over the inter Earth until they preferred Lucifer’s way.


In some cases the result of Lucifer’s genetic interference has been what are known as the ‘Greys’ that perhaps populate the realm of the spheres in several planets as that is their abode according to the Bible. For example since such ‘Greys’ are a byproduct of Fallen Angelic DNA and humanity, they need vehicles to propel themselves, not like their parent Fallen Angelic host that can travel without such means. Such Angelic beings have been on Earth since before Creation Week and lurk in the shadows to one day disclose themselves publically in the Last Days that will also coincide with the return of Enoch as one of the 2 Witnesses that had direct dealing with. According to the inference of the book of Daniel the Arch Angels Gabriel and Michael will also come in the Last Days to reengage in the strife that will culminate in the summation of the 120 Jubilee pattern of time. Again, the end will be like the beginning.

A New World Order
Humanity since Adam and Eve looked forward to the Cross, Humanity since the Cross look back to the this single monumental event that is dead center in the midst of the 7 prophetic Dispensation of time. It also corresponds to the 4th day of the Creation Week when the Sun, Moon and the Stars were synchronized to be signs for time and seasons. The 4th Dispensation is a time that was characterized by government shortly after the Flood, then by the Family unit and then by the Law.

It was at this time that the stewardship of YHVH’s Word was given to Israel with its long list of kings, both that of Judah in the south and Israel in the north. The subsequent Dispensation is that of the Church; it corresponds to the 6th one. If one acknowledges that the year 32 AD was the actual crucifixion and 1st Pentecost, then from 32 AD to the 2015 Jubilee year would be 1983 years. Here too, the time-span is that of an approximate 2000 year age that is about to end. The Church Age has been a 7-fold delineation of times characterized by the facet of a particular prevailing attitude attributed to the Church in general.

One extremely important point to notice is that no dispensation, regardless if coupled with its pair has lasted more than 2000 years. The point being is that if the prior patterns of the 40 Jubilee prophetic years are a true rendition of the dispensation pattern and the 120 Jubilee pattern of time is in fact what has been the blueprint for ‘time’, then the Church Age is on the verge of being completed and ending in this very generation. Again, if the inference from Genesis 6:3 is a prophetic reckoning of 120 Jubilees, then ‘time’ is up. What this means is as the beginning is like the end then the end will be like the beginning, In this case, it will in fact be like the sequence and scenario of Noah that Jesus alluded to. There is a New World Order coming, Jesus’.

First there has to be a global judgment as the People of YHVH in Jesus Christ will be delivered, i.e., the Rapture as a type of Enoch in mirrored fashion. Ironically it will be Enoch as 1 of the 2 Witnesses that will return thereafter to content with the Fallen Ones that will also return. This is of course only one of many interpretations. Christ Jesus’ New World Order will be the Millennial Kingdom. The New World Oder of the King will not be established without first having its counterfeit one pushed on the world by Lucifer in his false Christ and Prophet.

This last set of 7s as in a week of years will coincide with the Time of Jacob’s Trouble as a time of ‘testing’ for Israel to complete her redemption once and for all as revealed to Daniel the prophet in Daniel 9:24. ‘70 weeks have been decreed for your people (Jews not Church) and your holy city, to finish the transgression, to make an end of sin, to make atonement for iniquity, to bring in everlasting righteousness, to seal up vision and prophecy and to anoint the most holy place.’

Judgment Patterns
What the 120 Jubilee pattern of time is suggesting is that at each juncture, judgment and a deliverance occurred. If Yom Kippur 2015 is the final 120th Jubilee, then it will be a judgment upon the nations and Israel but it will be a deliverance of Christ’s Body. What is seen in this pattern is that the juncture of the wrath judgment coincides with death and life simultaneously. In the case of the 1st point of divine wrath judgment, the Flood had the effect of preserving the lives of Noah and his family. This meant death to the entire world that was. The point is that this study does not hold that an overlapping of the Church age will spill into the Tribulation period. This is solely based on the 2 prior 40 Jubilee prophetic time markers of the Flood and the Cross.

The 3rd point of wrath judgment and deliverance based on the 40th prophetic year time of testing would necessitated that it be the Rapture of the Bride of Christ at the end of the Church Age. This divine act of sacrifice on the part of YHVH for Humanity through Jesus, the promised Messiah of the Covenant was the agent that spiritually endowed Humanity with the forgiveness of sin originally brought upon by the first humans, Adam and Eve. This qualified all humans to partake of true eternal life that is only found and obtainable in Jesus. The imparting of this salvation is contingent upon one’s belief and repentance to complete the transaction like Abram. This act of bestowing eternal life to Humanity also cause the antithesis of eternal death to come into play for all those that refuse or reject such a prescription by YHVH, the Creator.

To reiterate, the 3rd juncture point of the 40 Jubilee prophetic years corresponds to the end of the Church Age, that being the promise of the Blessed Hope, that is the resurrection of the Dead in Christ Jesus and those belonging to Christ Jesus that are alive in the last generation that this study strongly suggests will synchronize with the end of the 120 Jubilee pattern of time. This divine event called the Rapture will bring life to such People of Jesus but will bring subsequent death to those that will remain during the 7 years of Tribulation.

These 2 points in time, the Flood and the Rapture mirror each other with Christ’s Cross in the middle. As noted, in the case of the Flood, Noah and family remained on Earth as the rest of the inhabitants of the Earth perished or were removes. At the time of the Rapture, it is mirrored. It will be the People of Jesus as a type of Noah that are in the ‘Ark’ of Jesus’ Body that will be removed from Earth. It will be the rest of the inhabitants of the Earth that will remain. The following are the intervals of the 40 Jubilee prophetic times or Ages of Testing. (40 Jubilees x 3 Dispensations = 120 Jubilees)

Agent              Judgment                   Deliverance
1 .Noah           The Flood                    The Ark
2. Jesus          The Cross                   The Ark –His body, salvation
3. Church        Sudden Destruction    Rapture


The last Dispensation, the 7th corresponds to the Millennial Kingdom and the ‘Sabbath’ Day. It is the last 1000 years of the total 7000 timespan of human history that incorporates the 120 Jubilee pattern of time, which is 6000. This 1000 year difference is when Paradise is restored and what remains to be fulfilled is the destruction of Lucifer and the Great White Throne judgment. Thereafter time will cease. It will be from that point forward that according to the Bible, a New Heaven and a New Earth will be made.

The 3 Prophetic Translations (Raptures)
This study also strongly suggests that that within the 3 facets of the 40 Jubilee prophetic timeframe, spanning the entire 120 pattern of time there are 3 corresponding particular Raptures. Two of the Raptures have already taken place, that of Enoch, and Jesus. What remains, if the prophetic pattern is valid and reliable is the Rapture of the Bride at the end of the 40 Jubilee cycle, which is the last and if it is to correspond with the 120th Jubilee, then the evidence necessitates that it has to occur within the year leading up to, during or shortly after 2015-16. This would also correspond to the Jewish year of 5776, the Year of Light.

With the Flood of Noah, the entire ancient world was judged with a consequence as there was no repentance despite the preaching of Noah. Yet there was a provision of escape and deliverance through an Ark. It was a boat in which Noah and his family were preserved and remained on Earth above, riding literally the waters of judgment. This is exactly how it will be leading up to the Rapture of the Bride of Christ which is its mirrored pattern, prophetically as the Days of Noah pattern reoccurs. In the case of the Rapture of the Bride of Christ, it will be the inhabitants of the world that will remain on Earth because there will be no repentance, generally speaking and the ‘family’ of Jesus in the ‘Ark’ of His body are the ones that will be removed from the Earth.

Could such a similar prophetic Jubilee pattern then also correspond to the coming New World Order, which will be the re-creation of Humanity on one level as it goes into the Millennial Age? This would be true as far as the return of Jesus with His Bride would consist of those having glorified bodies. This godly and holy New World Order will not be established without a fight, a celestial one at that as Lucifer will seek to win over Humanity with his false King, the AntiChrist, his false Prophet and Kingdom, that is his false New World Order. Lucifer will attempt to establish ‘Paradise’ on Earth, the New Age Utopia in his image. It will be at the end of this 7 year pattern of time, if consistent with the prior Pentecostal 120 prophetic pattern of 120 Jubilee years that the 2nd Adam returns to take possession of the Earth, kingdoms, powers and dominions.

What is spectacular to consider is that as the 1st Adam nearly lived 1000 years at the beginning of the 7000 year timespan, there was a ‘Rapture’ or translation of Enoch around the 1000 year mark. Adam was the first ‘king’ to have dominion over the Earth but lost Paradise and his dominion of Earth was given over to Lucifer. It will be the 2nd Adam, Jesus that will have come back to restore Paradise for a 1000 years and exercise His kingship and dominion that the 1st Adam forfeited. Could thus the Rapture of the Saints also take place within this same 1000 year marker of the 7000 total Pentecostal pattern of time that mirrors Enoch’s point of translation? And could the 1000 year maker of Enoch mean that Enoch himself will return as well as 1 of the 2 Witnesses during the last 7 year week of years? Again what is amazing is that the 1st 33 prophetic Jubilee year count from Adam corresponds to Noah’s Flood.

It was a redefining of Humanity at this point in human history that approximates the phi ratio of time when the 6000 timespan is considered. The fulcrum of the whole 7000 year timeframe corresponds to the Covenant between YHVH and Abram. The point is that perhaps at the last 120th Jubilee that is 2015-16, pronounced on Yom Kippur, September 23, 2015 could be the point that Humanity is once again, ‘re-created’. It will thus also encompass a judgment, a wrath but a deliverance of YHVH’s People. This pattern follows of how the New Covenant in Jesus re-created Humanity at the Cross. This New Man in Christ was able to be ‘born again’ because of Jesus’ atoning work at the Cross of Calvary.


One of the points that this study seeks to make is that not only are the 120 Jubilee code a pattern of the Creation Week, but that from Passover to the ‘Rapture’ of Jesus Christ on the 40th day and subsequently Pentecost on the 50th day timespan is a Jubilee pattern itself. This time that is also counted off from Passover to Pentecost is a function of the phi ratio pattern of time. Interestingly, there were 120 Disciples of Jesus in the Upper Room on Pentecost. Perhaps this was a mirror, a representation of the redemption of a new Humanity corresponding to all the prior ‘re-creations’ of Humanity in the 120 Jubilee pattern of time allotted to mankind. It is noteworthy to consider that the 120 Disciples mirrored that of the 120 Priests that were required to administer the sacrificial ordinances of the Temple.



The difference with the Disciples of Jesus was that during the new dispensation of the prophetic 40 Jubilee pattern of time that constitutes the Church Age, such would not only be Priests but Kings after the Order of Melchizedek. This meant that the Commission given to the 120 was a Royal one with all the accompanying authority of a risen King. It was this King that according to the Bible’s teaching, presented His own sinless blood before the true Tabernacle and Ark of the Covenant in Heaven. This was done at a point in time that followed the High Priest making atonement within the veil of the Temple on the day of Atonement, that of Yom Kippur on which the Jubilees were proclaimed and the kings of Israel were crowned.


The Enochian Rapture Pattern
As noted, astonishingly the translation of Enoch is also tied to a phi ratio of time pattern. If Enoch was translated or ‘Raptured’ near the 1000 year mark, it would also correspond to a phi ratio of time when the Flood occurred some 650 years later and the birth of Abram. Another very fascinating correlation deals with the timing of the 3rd Rapture. The Rapture is that of the Bride of Christ that is all encompassing of the resurrection of the Death in Christ first and then those that are alive in the last or ‘terminal’ generation that will not see death. One of the hypothesis of the 120 Jubilee pattern of time is that the beginning is like the end and the end will be like the beginning. This has great validity as even the LORD Jesus Himself alluded to the Last Days that they would be like the Day of Noah; an end like the beginning and a coming global judgment and deliverance. 

This is perhaps ‘code’ for the stipulation that YHVH’s New World Order was established with the new creation after the Flood of Noah. If the pattern is prophetic, then there will be a New World Order after a deliverance of His People from a worldwide judgment that will coincide with the Rapture. After the Tribulation, YHVH’s New World Order will be the establishment as the Millennial Kingdom at Jesus’ 2nd Coming. This will occur shortly after His 2nd Coming to the Mount of Olives on Rosh HaShana. This is one of many scenarios possible. To reiterate, the Rapture pattern is as follows. If the Rapture is to occur at the end of the Church Age, that being Laodicea, then it would be approximately 1000 years from the end of the Millennial Kingdom. This 1000 year pattern would mirror that of Enoch’s ‘Rapture’ or translation that is often associate to the very type of the predominately Gentile Bride of Christ, much like Ruth with Boaz.

The point is that this translation of Enoch also corresponds to the 1000 year mark from the initial Millennial type reign of Adam; the end as the beginning, etc. Interestingly, there is another 70 year prophetic pattern in Adam as he died 70 years away from the 1000 year mark at the age of 930 according to the Bible. For example, the number 70 is associated to 70 AD when the 2nd Temple was destroyed and 70 years from Israel’s birth which would be 2018. The point is that from Adam to Enoch’s translation is approximately 1000 years. Thus this is an amazing possible timetable of a confirmation that the Rapture of the Bride of Christ is soon to occur based on the 120 Jubilee pattern of time. This pattern suggests that the 6000 year mark is only 7 years away. What is amazing to contemplate is that if the 119th Jubilee was indeed correlating to the liberation of the Temple Mount in Jerusalem in 1967, then the 1966 started the countdown to the last 49 year Jubilee that will be the 120th.

What would remain would be the conclusion of Daniel’s last prophetic week of years, which being a subsequent 7 year pattern to complete the entire scope of the Pentecostal 120 Jubilee pattern of time. These all parallel the Pentecostal pattern of 7s as the year 5776 would correspond to a Sabbatical year. Thus this would mean that indeed Yom Kippur of September 23, 10 days from the partial eclipse of September 13, 2015 is the end of the 7th Shmitah and thus the Year of Jubilee would be proclaimed for 5776. Could this mean that the Rapture of the Bride like that of Enoch then could occur just prior to the last 1000 year time-frame to conclude the prophetic Pentecostal and Jubilee patterns? It is exciting to consider such a possibility. One thing is for sure, if the 120 Jubilee year pattern of time is valid and reliable and actually what is going to take place prophetically, then ‘time’ has run out for Humanity. There is no possible notion of perhaps in the next 50 to 100 years in the future; it would not fit the pattern. Of course it is just a hypothesis and could be proven incorrect only by ‘time’ itself.

To reiterate, this study has been about the 120 Jubilee pattern of time allotted to Humanity. It is based on the interpretation of Genesis 6:3 where the 120 ‘years’ are a prophetic code for the number of Jubilees Humanity has been allotted since the re-creation of Earth. This study holds to the interpretation that Genesis 1:2 is a revamping of the pre-existing Earth to make suitable for the human race as it is known presently and genetically. The 120 Jubilee pattern is set out in a Pentecostal delineation of a 7 x 7 coefficient that renders a triplet of prophetic 40 Jubilee prophetic years of testing. The 7-fold dispensation is another way of saying ‘Age’. Each Age has its own characteristic and Covenant made between YHVH and a man that comes along with a sign. At each juncture of the 40 Jubilee count, there has been a monumental judgment but concurs with a deliverance, mainly the Flood, the Cross and the Rapture.


Interesting, the Flood of Noah point on the timeline approximates the phi ratio of mathematical proportion using the 6000 year timespan. The fulcrum using the 7000 year timespan corresponds to the Covenant with Abram. This study suggests that prophetic time is subject to the phi ratio mathematical function. A the New World Oder of YHVH ensued after the Flood, so too will a New World Order follow after the 2nd Coming of the LORD Jesus Christ with His Saints as testified by Enoch. It is also very telling that a mirrored pattern of the last prophetic Rapture involves the first prophetic type of the Rapture found in the type with Enoch. He was the 7th from Adam as is the Church, the 7-fold Bride of Christ.

Thus study suggests that both as Rapture types are to occur apparently approximately 1000 years form the beginning and end of ‘time’ of the whole 7000 year ‘Creation Week’ timespan. The specific dispensations from Adam to Noah incorporate the mathematical dimensions that are found in the sacred Gematria of the Great Pyramid as if to codify and have a physical illustration and memorial of such a dispensation of prophetic time. The crucifixion of Christ Jesus is at the center of the 7-fold dispensation of prophetic time. It is dead center between the beginnings of the Flood of Noah to the Rapture of the Bride. Each will see the global judgment and deliverance of GOD’s People that in turn will result in a New World Order and a re-creation of Humanity.

This is not before Lucifer attempts to implement his last Luciferian Masonic Empire through the efforts of his false Christ and Prophet and with the aid of his Fallen Angels, demons and aka Alien Greys. Inevitably, if the 120 Jubilee pattern of time is consistent, and the 119th Jubilee occurred in 1966 that saw the liberation of the Temple Mount in Jerusalem during the Six Day War, then the last and conclusive 120th Jubilee that was sanctioned for Humanity will coincide with the pronouncement on September 23, 2015, which is 5776 in the Jewish calendar. This means that then the Rapture or ‘translation’ as that of Enoch is to coincide with the global judgment that the Year of Jubilee brings. The only ‘time’ remaining to be prophetically fulfilled will be the Time of Jacob’s Trouble to complete the 70 Week of years that in itself is another ‘Pentecostal’ pattern of 7x70 prophetic years.

This can be compared to ‘over time’ or additional minutes to play on the clock to finish a game for example. Based on the 120 Jubilee pattern of time, it will be 7 years in length as the patterns suggest. What is also attributing to this specific time in the fall of September 2015 is that there appears to be a convergence of several prophetic timelines, to include the 49 year Jubilee count form 1966.The others are the end of the Blood Moon Tetrad that will also coincide with the end of a triple triad of Super Moons. Given this Jubilee pattern, there is no room for extension of prophetic time that perhaps could involve decades or even centuries. These notions are assuming that the prime prophetic bench-march for such a notion is the rebirth of Israel as a nation in 1948. Any time beyond the 50 and 70 time markers of 1948 and 1967 respectfully would render the 120 Jubilee pattern of time void. As it is, the timeline is very compelling to consider the possibly bases on the pattern of the Jubilees.

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