Steve W (14 June 2020)
"!!! Crucifixion date Jesus Christ April 28, 28 AD !!!"

       Hello Five Doves,

         Appreciate your website. Please consider passing this info below
    onto your members. It could be a very unique never before seen way of confirming
    the accurate date of Jesus Crucifixion in addition to the work others
    have done on this matter like the PHD Pallant Ramsundar from Cambridge.

      On June 7, 2020 I  wrote out this article and I believe
          it contains some never before seen discoveries 
        "confirming" in a very unique way the true date  of the 

      On June 7, 2020 I found this website
    According to this website the date  April 28,28 AD
         is the date of JESUS CRUCIFIXION taking into
  consideration the conversion in Oct 1582 from the Julian to Gregorian Calendars.
  This means the LORDs RESURRECTION took place on May 1, 28 AD !!

      So I thought, what would be a significant modern date that we could sync
   that Crucifixion date to,  to potentially get a confirmation  somehow
    and immediately I thought of the Revelation 12 SIGN of 9/23/2017.
  which reveals this

       JESUS CHRIST                                           REVELATION12
       CRUCIFIXION                                        SIGN in the HEAVENS
             4/28/28                                                      9/23/2017
                  !....................726617 days..........................!
                  !                                                                   !
                      !...........1989 years 4 months 26 days.......!

         Look closely at that timeline and you can see its revealing
                another date as 4/26/1989 !!
                     That date in  year 1989 on the jewish calendar is the 21st of NISAN which is the 7th and last day of PASSOVER !
                             JESUS CRUCIFIXION took place at the time of PASSOVER !!
    Also in history  21st of NISAN is the day GOD by MOSES command parted the RED SEA !!
   This we know was a prophetic typology event of the dividing of the Temple Veil in the Holy of Holies
    room immediately after the CRUCIFIXION of JESUS as recorded in Matthew 27:51 . which is
    the verse immediately after JESUS DEATH is recorded in Matthew 27:50 .

   Thats a stunning enough sync but ,now here's where it gets mindboggling !

    We take that date and sync it once again to REVELATION 12 and
    !!! OH MY GOD !!! Look at what we get ...... 
    ( i was literally shaking when I made this discovery )

     prophetic marker                                                             REVELATION 12 
       sync date                                                                    SIGN in the HEAVENS
       4/26/1989 !                                                                         9/23/2017
             !.......................28 years 4  months 28 days....................!

    !!!  Incredibly this reveals the CRUCIFIXION date of JESUS CHRIST !!!

                                        !!!   4/28/28 !!!
     Ok, so after I made the above discoveries I went searching for even more
   potential confirmations and amazingly I came upon this PROPHET and AUTHOR

    First thing I found was one of his older books which u can read part of online
   for free at this link >
      He documents in this book how he also came to discover JESUS crucifixion 
     was in 28 AD !  Gabriel has also written a newer book about the end times
     titled "2028 END" I immediately ordered this book.
     Then I found this amazing you tube video GABRIEL has put together how the LORD
    has been giving him "confirming SIGNS" all thru his life he is on the right track 
    prophesying the 2nd coming of JESUS CHRIST in 2028  !!!
    You gotta watch this video just amazing !
      Then I found his website > 2028END.COM < and there's a ton of end time 
     prophetic evidence on there.

     Another one of the amazing confirming END TIME SIGNS that has been given which u
            can find at this link involves SUPER BOWL 51 played on Feb 5, 2017,NFL)%20for%20the%202016%20season.&text=The%20Patriots'%2025%2Dpoint%20comeback,to%20be%20decided%20in%20overtime.
    The final score of that game was

      This is called the "MIRACLE" SUPER BOWL because of the 
   way New England rallied from an impossible score behind 28 to 3
   in the 3rd qtr to WIN ! No other SUPER BOWL victory is even close
   to such a come from behind win in score differential.
    The game ENDED in regular time 28 to 28 !! New England had to win in OVERTIME !!
   When GABRIEL saw that score at the END of regular TIME he heard the LORD speak
   "Son when I speak something TWICE its a SURE THING"
    See Genesis 41:32 where this is prophetically confirmed in the word.

   Also for almost 20 minutes of the game the score displayed
                on the tv screen was 20 to 28 !!
   And amazingly the guy who scored a rare point conversion to make
                     the score 20 to 28 his jersey # is  28 !!
   And the same guy who scored the winning touchdown in overtime
         was James White , again who's jersey # is 28 !!
                          And James White scored 20 points for New England in the game !!
there's even more in the link.....

    Here's something I discovered from the date of                    Jewish Holiday
    the game SUPER BOWL 51                                                     PASSOVER
                            2/5/2017                                                          April/12/2028
                                 !.......its exactly 2028+2028+28 days to.............!
   Obviously this takes on special meaning when we realize
   the CRUCIFIXION of JESUS CHRIST was April/28/28 AD at PASSOVER !!

  After I wrote all the above today I took a pause then came back to meditate
  on this crucifixion date and ponder if the Bible is potentially hiding this
  date in plain sight. And sure enough it didn't take long to find it
  right here in this link >

    Of the 66 Books of the Bible there are only TWO books that have exactly 28  chapters !!

                                            Matthew has 28 chapters
                                                       ACTS has 28 chapters
        And from Matthew you count 4 books over to ACTS !!! 

   Crucifixion date JESUS CHRIST   !!!   4/28/28 !!!
   Of course Matthew 28 is all about JESUS  RESURRECTION from DEATH !!

                      "in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the Last Trumpet.
             For the trumpet will sound, and the dead will be raised incorruptible,
                                                and we shall be changed."
                                              1st Corinthians 15:52

   Last SIGN for this article               Jewish Holiday                        Jewish Holiday
    from REVELATION 12                    LAST DAY of                          LAST DAY of
    SIGN in the Heavens                     PASSOVER                       Feast of TRUMPETS
            9/23/2017                                4/13/2023                                9/22/2028
                   !............. 2028 days..............!................1989 days............!
           ^^^^                                                                    ^^^^           potential date
           ^^^^                                        PASSOVER         ^^^^         2nd COMING of
           ^^^^                                  21st Nisan that yr      ^^^^      LORD JESUS CHRIST 
           ^^^^                                   prophetic marker      ^^^^
           ^^^^                                       sync date              ^^^^
               ^^^^                                                    4/26/1989  >>>>>>^^^^
            ^^^^                                                       !
            ^^^^                                                      !...28 years 
            ^^^^                                                      !... 4  months
             ^^^^                                                      !... 28 days...
             ^^^^                                                     !
             ^^^^                                            REVELATION 12
             ^^^^                                          SIGN in the HEAVENS
            ^^^^       <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<     9/23/2017

            !!!  Incredibly this reveals the CRUCIFIXION date of JESUS CHRIST !!!

                                                                   !!!   4/28/28 !!!