Jean Stepnoski (10 June 2018)
"The New Wine Season for Israel, The Tirosh, Month 4 Day 17"

   For ancient Israel, there were 7 species or major crops. First were the grains: barley then wheat. Next? Grapes. The Essene new wine festival was 7 weeks after Shavuot (Pentecost). In June began the annual harvest of the earliest grapes, for the new wine. See for a fine overview. The Grapes Season for Israel would span June - September. The Messiah has promised to drink the fruit of the vine "new with you in the Kingdom"' WHEN? This would be much earlier than the Wedding Supper of the Lamb. It would be at the wedding canopy, the chuppah, then a full 7 period before the Wedding Supper. Earlier. Not Later. Also. There are numerous words for wine in Hebrew or Greek. Yanim (Hebrew) and oinkos (Greek) can mean either not fermented grape juice or alcoholic wine. Tirosh (Hebrew) means the new wine, non fermented grape juice from harvest of early grapes. We look to the first of the grapes, not the later vintage grapes. THE NEW WINE.

   Where are we at 40 days past Shavuot (Pentecost) in 2018? It will be 7-1 to 2 on the Torah Calendar. Month 4 Day 17 will be a major fast day according to the prophet Zechariah. Eventually, each of these 4 fast days will be transformed from days of fasting, mourning, and sorrow into "festivals of joy and gladness." Zechariah lists them in order according to the Spiritual Year Calendar for Israel. The first is Month 4 Day 17. Will this be transformed FIRST? When? During the Season of Tirosh? With The Day of The Blessed Hope? Or later during the Millennial  Reign of the Messiah? Unclear.

   Another great theme of the day is the Golden Calf Tragedy. Moses descended Mt. Sinai with the 2 stone tablets, after 40 days above. The Wedding Vows (The 10 Commandments) for the 12 Tribes and "the mixed multitude" had been divinely etched onto stone. Aaron, the first High Priest of Israel, had created the golden idol and led others to join him in the worship of the golden calf. This was an image of a major god of Egypt, as calf or bull.. Blasphemy, idolatry, and sacrilege. In righteous rage, Moses smashed the ketubbah of stone. THEN, THE DIVISION AND THE SEPARATION. The 3000 defiant unrepentant men perished. The ground opened, flames appeared, and they literally descended into gehenna (hell). TERRIBLE TO WITNESS. IMPOSSIBLE TO FORGET. Same day themes to ponder: fasting, mourning, sadness, division and separation, judgment, fire, punishment, tragedy, Temple destruction later, new wine.

   So we have profound spiritual motifs from 7-1 to 2 in 2018: the new wine earliest Israel wine (for the tirosh grape juice or alcoholic wine). Season of Tirosh wine festival of old, Day 1 fast (on 6-2) from sunrise to sunset, mourning and sadness for the Golden Calf horrible debacle, Temple walls breached at the 2 Temples, Spies sent to assess the Promised Land. Yet another motif. This links beautifully with Shavuot (Pentecost). In Days of Noah, it was Month 4 Day 17 when the Dove was initially released to SOAR ABOVE in search of the land of the far country and NEW HOME! THE DOVE IS A PREMIERE SYMBOL OF THE HOLY SPIRIT! The current Pentecost Season has a momentous marker ahead in space and time at Month 4 Day 17: 40 Days Warning after Pentecost (like The Sign of Jonah at Ninevah) and Summer plus 10 Days. Summer is near, even at the gates.

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With Love and Shalom,