F.M. Riley (3 June 2018)
"The Great Whore"

Part Two
Biblical Identification of.......
The Great Whore
                                                                                           By Pastor F. M. Riley
                                                                                           May 30, 2018
     ".....Come hither; I will shew unto thee the judgment of the great whore that sitteth upon many waters:
     With whom the kings of the earth have committed fornication, and the inhabitants of the earth have been made drunk with the wine of her fornication."  Revelation 17:1.  
     When I wrote and posted my first study on this subject a couple of days ago, I had already anticipated some objection to my study.  From both the Bible and history, I think I identified "the great whore" without even once calling her by name in my study.  Therefore I expected some of her adherents would object to having their religion exposed to the light of God's Word and history.  
     And I did receive some objections.  But they didn't come from the followers of "the great whore."  No!  They came from those who claim to be Christian "Bible believers," yet who have obviously not yet learned how to "rightly divide the Word of truth," 2 Timothy 2:15, and obviously do not take the inspired Word at face value for what it actually and literally says and teaches.  
     Just this introduction will likely offend some readers.  The Lord God, who only knows the hearts of men, knows that it is not my intention to offend anyone, but rather to enlighten and bless the people of God, and lost seeking souls.  But whether some are offended or not, Jude 1:3 is still in the Bible, and therefore I must obey God rather than men.  
America is Babylon (NOT!)
     I have heard, read, and studied, this silly theory numerous times over the 64 years I have been in the Lord's ministry.  The first time I was confronted with this theory, I knew it did not harmonize with what the inspired Scriptures actually and literally say.  Therefore, I realized way back then that it was a perversion of God's Word, and just plain false teaching.  After all of these years I have had no reason to change my mind.  
     Even as a little boy, I learned that just because two different objects  are similar in certain ways, does not mean that they are the same object.  This is a truth in life, and it certainly should be understood as a truth when we begin examining the statements in God's Word.   Hello!
     I am fully aware that there are some Christian believers who just insist that "the great whore" described in Revelation 17-18, has to be America.  Pshaw! Hogwash!  It isn't so, and now, by God's grace,  I am going to show and tell our readers, both from history, and from God's Word,  why it isn't so!  
     [1]   In Revelation 17:3, John was carried into "the wilderness," and was shown "the great whore," sitting upon the back of a "scarlet coloured beast."  This "beast" is clearly identified in Revelation 13 as the future anti-christ.  It appears that the garments of the woman are  spread over the back of "the beast," or are flowing over his back,  for in the very next Scripture we are told that the woman is dressed or "arrayed in purple and scarlet colour," 17:4.  This is an indication that she will have a very close relationship with "the beast" during the coming Tribulation period.  
     Oh yes!  "...the wilderness."  The careful Bible student will find that this word occurs over 300 times in the Bible, and not even once does it refer to America.  However, the inspired prophecy of God's Word clearly states that the future anti-christ is going to turn the entire world into "a wilderness,"  ".....Is this the man that made the earth to tremble, that did shake kingdoms;
     That made the world as a wilderness, and destroyed the cities thereof; that opened not the house of his prisoners?" Isaiah 14:16-17.
This is a prophecy of what it coming upon the whole world during the coming Tribulation period.  The entire world of mankind upon the earth will be destroyed to the extent that regardless of what nation or country one lives in at that time, the earth around them will be "a wilderness."  
     [2]   Do our readers know the difference in past, present, and future tenses when speaking or reading?   The vision of Revelation was given to John in 96 A.D., nearly 2,000 years ago.  In Revelation 17:1, "the great whore," at the time she was shown to John, was already sitting  "upon many waters."  The word "sitteth" in this Scripture is in the present tense.  
     This means that right at that time "the great whore" was already in existence, and was already exercising her power and influence over mankind, and over those who were kings upon the earth at that time.  The word "reigneth" in 17:18 is a present tense word, indicating that at the very time John received his vision "the great whore" was already alive, active, and deceiving mankind.  
     Now where was America in 96 A.D.?   Hello!  America hadn't even been discovered back then.  So America was a "wilderness" when the colonist finally arrived here in 1620 to begin establishing the nation of America. So what?  That was just 1,600 years too late, for America to fulfill the vision John was given of "the great whore" being in "the wilderness," even during John's lifetime, 17:3.   
      I believe 2 Timothy 2:15 has something to say about "STUDY," and also about "rightly dividing the Word of truth."  Then why don't some of God's people take it to heart, instead of just proposing or pursuing men's silly theories?   Well...??  
     [3]   In 17:18 the inspired Word explicitly states that "the great whore" was, and is, a city, which was reigning over the earth at the very time John was shown the vision.  Yet some claim that America is, or will be, the fulfillment of the prophecy of "the great whore."  Sic!   America is not a city.   I don't spell the words, nation and country, as c-i-t-y.  Are the readers that faulty in their spelling?  Or perhaps John, the man the Lord chose to record the great vision of the Book of Revelation, was illiterate, and didn't know how to spell?  Is that possible?  
     The only city that literally qualified to the letter, as fulfilling John's vision here, was, and still is, the city of Rome, Italy.  Rome was the seat of the Roman government, and the capitol of the Roman Empire.  The ancient Babylonian religion was already in existence at that time, having moved it's world headquarters from "Pergamos" in Turkey, to the city of Rome.  See Revelation 2:12-17.  
     [4]    Have our readers ever seriously studied the Parables of the Kingdom spoken by the Lord Jesus Himself in Matthew 13?  The fourth parable in this series is The Parable of the Hidden Leaven.  In this parable a woman took leaven, and hid it in three measures of meal.  What the Lord is describing in this parable is the baking process which the Jewish women went through when baking bread to feed their families.  
     Leaven is similar to what we call "yeast" today.  Placed in a lump of dough, it ferments and spreads throughout the dough, causing the dough to rise, so the women can bake bread for themselves and their families.  
     However, throughout the Bible, "leaven" is used as a type of sin and wickedness.  The Apostle Paul admonished the Lord's church at Corinth to purge sin and wickedness from their church body, 1 Corinthians 5:6-8. Paul instructed them, "Your glorying is not good.  Know ye not that a little leaven leaveneth the whole lump?" 1 Corinthians 5:6.  Just a little sin, a little wickedness, a little false teaching, permitted to continue in a church body, will ultimately destroy the entire church.  Take heed!
     Now in this parable the Lord gave, there is an unidentified woman, who hides leaven in "three measures of meal."  The woman is obviously a wicked woman, or she wouldn't have been hiding the leaven in the meal.  She is a type of "the great whore" of Babylon.  The "meal" is flour, produced by grinding up the harvested grain.  The meal in this parable is a type of the Lord's churches and people who suffered terrible trials at the hands of the Roman Empire during the first three centuries of Christianity.  But the more they were ground under the feet of the Roman soldiers, the more Christianity spread.  
      So in 313 A.D. the Roman Empire decided to stop opposing Christianity, and set up their own "churches" loyal to the Roman Empire.  I covered this fairly well in my previous study.   At the so-called Council of the Churches in the third century, called by the Roman government, "the great whore" of the ancient Babylonian religion "hid" her "leaven" [false teachings and doctrines] in the ranks of those "churches," thereby uniting the false teachings of ancient Babylon with
the teaching and doctrines of the apostate "Christian" churches who attended that Church Council.  Then those churches, bought and paid for by the Roman Empiire, kept right on presenting themselves to the lost world as "Christian" churches.   
     Now keep in mind that "leaven" ferments, ultimately causing the entire lump of dough to be "leavened."   Even so, the Lord Himself said in this parable that the "leaven" hidden in the dough by the woman will ultimately "leaven"  the whole lump.  And so it will.....
     But let's inject  some "good news" right here for our readers.  Before all of Christianity has become totally "leavened," and therefore worthless to the Lord, He is coming to lift His true Church and all true New Covenant believers right out of this wicked mess today that is called   "Christianity," and He will take us who are true believers home to glory.  Hallelujah!  
      Those apostate churches and "professors" left behind on the earth, will then go into the Tribulation period, and will be compelled to unite or cooperate with "the great whore" religion riding "the beast," or else will be destroyed by her.  Think about it!  
     [5]   Yes, I did skip over the "golden cup" John was shown in the hand of "the great whore," 17:4.  The Lord told John that the cup was "full of abominations and filthiness of her fornication."  Now dear readers, tell me honestly what this "golden cup" has to do with America?   Nothing!  The U.S. government doesn't use a "golden cup" to direct the American people.  Besides that, once again I impress upon our readers, America hadn't even been thought of at the time John received his vision.  
     But if a reader has ever attended a service in one certain religion's churches, the "golden cup" has everything to do with that religion. Bowing, standing, kneeling, praying, singing, baptism, confirmation, etc.  It is all done synchronized by the use and movements of their "golden cup."  Is this clear enough, or do I need to draw some readers a picture?
     [6]   It is in Revelation 18 that John was shown the destruction of "the great whore."   The inspired Word in this chapter, described in great detail the mourning of the whole lost world when "the great whore" is destroyed.  Notice the statement in 18:11, "...for no man buyeth their merchandise any more."  This will mark the end of world commerce, and accumulating wealth through "business" as we know it today.  Now do our readers think this means what it says, or was the Lord just using a figure of speech?  Maybe the Lord was mistaken, or lying, or just didn't know the future.  What about it?  Don't hem or haw around.  Just answer the question honestly.  
     Folks, here in Missouri, I live hundreds of miles from the ocean.  Yet in this account the "shipmasters.....and all that had ships in the sea," are in great mourning when they see "the smoke of her burning," 17:17-19.  Now if this is speaking of America [which it absolutely is not], then how could those shipmasters see the inland cities of America burning from their viewpoint in the oceans?  Preposterous!  Minneapolis, Chicago, even St. Louis; great business centers in Ameria.  How could those far out in the Atlantic or Pacific, or even along the Gulf coast see these cities burning?  This silly false teaching theory needs to be renounced and discarded once and for all by every true Bible believer.  Amen?   Speak up!  I'm not hearing you.
      These Scriptures speaking of the "shipmasters" and "as many as trade by sea," clearly implies that these people were close enough to see the city with their own eyes, and watch it burn.  This most certainly fits the location of Rome, Italy.  The city of Rome is located on or near the coast, and can be seen by all the ships passing through the Mediterrean.  Hello!   
     Oh, by the way.  I have already emphasized under Point 3, that 17:18 explicitly refers to this "great whore" as a city.  Not a country, or a nation, but a city.  Well, I'm told, this could be taken to mean something else.  Oh, could it now?  Then why does Revelation 18 refer to it as "a city" and "that great city" six more times in the chapter?  Hello!  I'm so excited I'm biting my fingernails waiting for an answer.  
     [7]   Oh yes, I almost overlooked the "fornication" of "the great whore" mentioned in 17:2, 17:4, 18:3, 18:9, and 19:2.  
     I am well aware of what the inspired Word has to say about the sin of committing physical [fleshly] "fornication."  And I well know that such is being committed in America somewhere probably every hour of every day.  The moral values of Americans have deteriorated so much that in some places in America, "fornication" is now regarded as "recreation," and thousands of the American people are engaging in it.  I write this to the shame of this great nation, which was once the moral example for the whole world.  But it isn't anymore!  
      But the "fornication" this wicked old "great whore" had already been engaging in, when John received his vision, was not physical, but rather was spiritual.  Now read these Scriptures for yourself and tell me how "the great whore" could have given her physical body to all "the kings of the earth?"  And if she had "made out" with every king back then, why would that have made "the inhabitants of the earth.....drunk with the wine of her fornication?"   
     Her fornicating with "the kings of the earth" is repeated in 18:3, 18:9, and 19:2.  These Scripture may make a reader think of the act of physical "fornication," but they are quite obviously speaking of spiritual "fornication."  And just what is this?  I'm so glad you asked!  
     In Isaiah 23:17, the Lord gave a prophecy of the city of Tyre, predicting that Tyre would "commit fornication with all the kingdoms of the world upon the face of the earth."  Here it is not kings or natural men, but rather "kingdoms."  Now how does a city engage in physical sexual relations with  "kingdoms?   Yes, I am an old man, but by the grace of God, I haven't yet lost my intelligence.  In other words, I'm not stupid!   There is no way that a city could physically commit "fornication" with an entire "kingdom." Therefore this has to be speaking of spiritual "fornication," or what we know today as apostasy; turning away from the worship of the true God of the Bible.  
      Again in Ezekiel 16:26 and 16:29, the Lord God accused the city of Jerusalem with committing "fornication" with Egypt, and with Chaldea [the ancient Babylonians].  Now would some reader like to explain to me how a city commits physical "fornication" with other nations or cities?  It can't be done!  But the kings who ruled in Jerusalem did turn their backs upon the God of Israel during their history, and sought after the idolatrous gods of Egypt, and the gods of ancient Babylon.  Thereby committing spiritual "fornication" in turning away from the Lord.
     If our readers want more insight into spiritual fornication, just look up the words, whore, whoring, and whoredom in the Old Testament Scriptures, and see how the words are used, especially in relation to Israel as a nation and people.
     I must close this study.  I have given plenty of Scriptural evidence to demonstrate that "the great whore" is a false religious system which has departed from "the faith" of God's Word, and has, and is, and will, commit  spiritual whoredom  with every false religion on earth.  Instead of ministering the truth of God's Word to "the saints," she has persecuted and killed "the saints" in the past, and she will yet do so again in the future Tribulation period.  
     But the Lord God of the Bible is observing all of the works of mankind upon the earth. He knows exactly when to come and rescue His people [true believers] before they fall into the clutches of "the great whore," and take His Church and people "home" to Heaven, where His "saints" will become His glorious bride.  Praise the Lord!  Hallelujah!  Glory to God!
      Those readers who are not saved, or who lack the assurance of salvation, should be seeking the Lord in fervent prayer right now!  Time is running out, and the Lord is coming very SOON.  Romans 10:8-13.   
     "Even so, come, Lord Jesus," Revelation 22:20.  
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